Tips for Planning A Great Wedding Venue In India

India is a country where one can find variety in everything. This country enjoys every season from high temperatures to shivering colds.

The warm and friendly hospitality of the people can be seen nowhere other than India. And for this reason, India attracts a huge number of tourists to travel here every year.

Weddings here are also unique. Especially for people who are planning a destination wedding, there is no part in the world that offers the charm like in India.

Wedding india udaipur

Weddings happen at banquet halls, restaurants, hotels, clubs, farmhouses, malls, home gardens, etc. Just remember, “Location, location, location”. Like owning a property, location ranks the highest in a wedding planner.

“Fairytale wedding” – two words often uttered when you are about to utter the two all-important words – I do. There is usually a mammoth amount of planning required to make it perfect.

All of us dream about weddings, the flowers, the arrangement, the décor, the venue, the food, the ambiance, etc.

All of that happens at a place that is perfect in every respect, a place that becomes an essential part of the memorabilia.

One of the best places for a destination wedding that I can recommend in India is Udaipur.

All said the venue of a wedding like in Udaipur is sometimes all you need to consider. Almost all other arrangements are influenced by that one decision.

Make sure you have the Wedding planner in Udaipur finalized before you dream about how great your venue will look. A change in the location can mean a change in everything else.

Why Having A Good Ambience is Necessary?

A venue is defined by its Ambience.

The word “Vintage” brings in a visual of brown chairs with conventional flowers and rituals. “Ethnic” describes the use of colors and traditional embellishments in abundance.

The ambiance is the result of small add-ons, like music, food, décor, lights, ancillary services, conveniences, etc.

Discuss with your fiancé how much you can afford to spend on the venue. Even when you have closed in on a particular venue, a tight budget can remain your worry.

But there is always a midway. One option is to slash the budget allotted for other aspects.

For example, if a venue is complete in all respects, that is with facilities you never thought could come with the location, just seize the deal. Be realistic.

Another option is to pick an off-season wedding date. Think creatively, and find a location that can create the same ambiance.

Overall the venue is what creates the first impression on your guests. It is where you can feel a sense of satisfaction and add that special spark to your celebration of a lifetime.

If you are really planning a wedding in Udaipur do not forget to check the cost of destination wedding in Udaipur here.

Of course, when you are planning a wedding, however big or small the ceremony is, you will have numerous things in mind. And they need to be attended to.

The wedding venue, we feel, is one of the most important that you need to finalize first.

So now that we mutually agree on how important it is to choose the perfect or good venue after thorough homework, start working on it, right away!

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Tips for Hiring A Best Wedding Videographer

Getting married is a tremendous joy. It’s on a daily basis that you will be feeling joy, happiness and typically a bit nervousness. It’s no secret that every couple look for an unceasingly expert videographer for their best day, which often comes one time in a life for many.

However, it is important to note that your wedding videographer should really like the chance so as to capture your big day and supply you with those good wedding videos too.

The field of videography is tough as well as unforgiving at times but there is a significant difference between surviving and thriving in this field to achieve the pinnacle of success. It is the most creative field of art where the entire world is the canvas and camera are the painting brush for a videographer.

The most creative a videographer is, the more successful he/she can be. Therefore, they will have to maintain a proper balance between creativity and business values so that the purposes for both, clients as well as for videographers are met with when served with the best shots captured.

In case you are looking for a reliable and so-called best Cancun wedding videographer, there is no doubt that you will have to follow certain guidelines before searching.

Just like any other business owner, your chosen wedding videographer should be transparent, honest and ethical along with they should deal with proper business tactics to run their well thought business model.

Your best wedding videographer should have the ability to manage the customers along with following the schedules you decide.

In addition they should offer and have streamlined and professional invoicing, transparent and competitive pricing, responsive communication & services and lots more.

Effective, concise and proper communications play a very significant role in Cancun wedding videography as it is all about interacting with people whom a videographer is meeting with for the first time.

These are actually the people with whom a videographer will probably not meet ever after, or at least in the near future. Therefore, creating a balance between communication and creativity is a must for them to coordinate with large groups.

They should provide posing instructions, and categorically explain things, read the body language and non-verbal clues to bring out the best shot.

Remember, good communication and being loud and pushy are two different things and therefore you should take care that the personality of a wedding videographer you chose is not detrimental or incongruent with it.

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Which Wedding Photography Package Should I Choose?

Finding the best – that must be your mantra for your wedding! You might be on the lookout for everything when it comes to your wedding.

One such important aspect of your wedding that needs attention is wedding photography.

wedding package photography

Unlike other works related to your weddings, like flower decoration or catering or even seating arrangement is possible for you to look and feel and even experience how your guest will react.

While photography is not something that you can look and feel, hence require you to work very closely and take every step cautiously toward selecting your wedding photographer.

Now, once you have finalized your high-end wedding photographer for the day, the next question arises on the payment part. You might have a number in your mind and it may not be necessary that your photographer charges the same.

While you are still searching for getting wedding photography prices, it is possible that negotiations happen. These days wedding photographers under $2000 are available which may go up all the way till $10,000.

It is your choice on how much you need to spend on your photography. Choose from the various wedding photographer Sydney packages that your photographer has got to show. Affordable wedding photography services are good to look at when you want to get the best services at an affordable most price.

While you can compare the difference in rates in each package you also need to closely watch on what is the difference in terms of photo style in each of these packages. Scrutinize through each package carefully and select your package only after you have understood your package completely.

The careful questions that you need to ask your photographer when it comes to choosing packages are the hours of coverage, a number of photographs taken and the cost that might be considered for any add ons that you require.

Be careful to find answers to all these questions and look beautiful and stunning on your D-day.

Factors to Consider when hiring Wedding Bar Services

Whether you have an inclusive bar or not, it depends on the venue you have chosen.

Not all venues have a bar, so you may have to go for a wedding bar hire.

It is important especially when you are hosting your wedding reception in your own marquee. If your venue doesn’t have a bar, then it is not the end of the world.

You have several options available for you like bringing your own drinks or hiring professional wedding bar services.

bars for wedding

  1. Look for corkage fees

You should find out if your venue is charging a corkage fee or not. A corkage fee is a cost per bottle opened if you are bringing in your own bottles.

While some venues don’t charge a corkage fee others may charge.

  1. Will you have a cash bar or a free bar?

When you talk about evening receptions, a lot of couples want to have a cash bar, free bar or a blend of the two.

When you hire bar services, then the amount paid for these services depends on the adults present at the event and the time you are availing of their services.

  1. Find out of the bar service has a mobile license

When you are hiring bar services, you should check whether the company has a mobile license or not.

Companies that specifically offer portable bars for weddings or mobile bar services must be having it, but if you re hiring a local bar, then check the license for sure.

If they don’t have a mobile service, you may have to apply for a Temporary Event Notice in order to legally get alcohol.

You can acquire the permit from your local council which should be taken 10 days before the event.

  1. Research

Make sure you do proper research and know what exactly you are getting for your money.

It is important to find out about all the charges, right from corkage fee, costs linked with serving drinks and cost of glass wear.

Look out for the offer packages offered by bars or for the unlimited drinks all night package.

This may work for you and make the services cheaper, but for some, it may get expensive. However, the cost totally depends on the drinks your guests will consume.

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Best Unique Wedding Arrangement and Decoration for Great Photography

Wedding arrangements are expensive as well as fun-filled. Making it unique with the latest ideas is a dream of every newly wedding couple.

Here are some fabulous decoration ideas that can make your wedding venue unique and worth photographing.

The photographs you will get with these decorations will be just awesome and you will love to see them again and again throughout your lifetime.

Why not try something fresh and upbeat such as outdoor buildings, skyscrapers, peacock feathers or ostrich feathers for decoration?

You can use them as little or as much as you want in the form of centerpieces, boutonnieres, room decorations, and even hair accessories; but either way, this is a sure-fire way to save some money on flowers.

Have you seen some of those amazing wood-carved flowers? What about the leather and duct tape ones?

Nowadays you will find flowers made out of more than just fabric that will look as equally eye-appealing, if not more, than real flowers on your one-of-a-kind special day.

Centerpieces are wonderful things to have at the reception, but they can be a killer on your wedding budget. Follow a few of these ideas to save a little money per table that can add up quickly. Use candles and use even more candles.

According to Wedding photographer Hong Kong, candles bring a sense of romance with the warm glow of light that dance’s ever so slightly to the excitement that’s present in the air. They also smell amazing and you can really create an entire ambiance with a simple scent.

Candles have also progressed since their invention, meaning they come in all shapes and sizes so have fun with creating a warm romantic setting for your dream day.

Also, think of using vases as centerpieces. From candy to confetti, from water to glitter, you can fill a vase with just about anything and it is sure to be remembered by guests.

Maybe you’re not much of a flower gal at all, but still, enjoy the idea of bringing in a little of Mother Nature into your reception.

Have you thought of using gourds, pumpkins, apples, coconuts, and pineapples as centerpieces and decorations? You can really enhance a theme at your wedding by incorporating something other than flowers.

A fall wedding is complimented with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and apples while a tropical themed wedding would be complimented with coconuts and pineapple.

You can get really creative here and think way outside of the box for centerpieces. Think books, antiques, objects with a theme, or even sentimental family heirlooms.

Author: Maigen writes about weddings & marriages to provide the tips on how to make the day most memorable and unique. If you are looking for the best Wedding photography in Brisbane you can check out the site here at

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Hiring Best Wedding Videography Team for Your Special Ocassion

“Wedding”- this very word rings the bell; it is these occasions that may be one of the most important things that take place in your life.

This once in a lifetime occasion needs everything which is used to be at its best of form. Every one of us wants that our weeding should be perfect in all aspect especially with the look we carry.

Looking special is also a demand for every bride and groom due to the reason that they want their photography or videography to be the best.

wedding videographer

However, the fact being, not only dressing great is important for good videography but also choosing the best services is most important for you.

Especially when it is your wedding occasion you can not afford to take any chance by booking the cheap and non-reliable photographers or videographers.

Choosing a professional team or expert is important because they know it well about how and what to click and at what time.

Why Book Your Wedding Videography Team In Advance?

Everything, even the smallest of the objects play a part in making the environment so divine and cheerful.

However, due to the increasing needs demands and desires of the couple regarding their wedding day, hiring the best wedding videographer for your special day can be a quite daunting task to most of the people at present.

A good wedding videographer Suffolk with creative ideas and skills suits perfectly to your search without any doubt.

It is often seen that people who keep the booking of wedding videography team for the last moment, have to compromise with the quality.

Due to nonavailability, they then need to book the one which is not professional and skilled.

Thus, it is always a smart idea to book your wedding videography team well in advance so as to get one as per your desire and interest.

It is also a good idea to research well and compare different services before going for one. After completing all your research, go for a service which is highly reliable, trustworthy, experienced as well as affordable.

For instance, if you are looking for the best videographer in France, Znaharchuk studio is the one to opt for. They are well known for their luxury Wedding videos.

The good part is, they are based in Prague and available worldwide. For the last 10 years, this husband and wife creative wedding videography team has filmed wedding projects in more than 27 countries.

Having worked with different people (different nations, religions, etc.) they can easily find a way to work with any type of client in any country.

Simple Guide To Planning A Great Memorable Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. From arranging a good venue to booking a great caterer and photographer, one needs to care for many things that can make the day most memorable.

If you want to break the mold from the plain and simple church wedding setting, you can make your day more memorable and fun by getting married at a good wonderful venue that looks appealing and most pleasing.

wedding event

Your wedding should be pleasing to you and also to other people who attend.

You need to decide on the date, destination, and location. You also need to have a budget in mind and create a wish list.

If you want to get some special arrangements for kids you ca even consider hiring animation magie mariage for your occasion that can make the event highly memorable.

Some of the basic costs you should expect to include while planning a resort wedding include:

  • Wedding package and venue
  • Airfare and accommodation
  • Wedding day outfit
  • Lunch or dinner for the guests
  • Evening party, including drinks and entertainment

Once you have all these in mind, you should start by announcing your plans to friends and family so they can help with the planning and get prepared to travel to the destination as well.

With that in mind, you should also start calling the best wedding venues, checking prices and availability of the date.

You can choose to use a wedding coordinator who will help you with planning the wedding details that most inexperienced people would normally miss.

You also need to think about the timing. A late morning wedding followed by lunch or dinner is a great way to spend the day with close friends and family enjoying the occasion.

Gaming consoles, karaoke facility, dancing floors, smoke machines, dancing poles, explicit light and surrounding sound effects with magical video interactive experiences can make the night memorable for you.

So you may consider adding a few of these for making the day most memorable for you and your guests. It is crucial to have defined roles for everyone involved so the wedding can be well planned.

You can even plan for getting special sparklers for your wedding which can add uniqueness to your wedding day.

However, do not forget to make sure that the venue is allowing the use of the sparkles along with prior notice to the guests about what is going to happen and when.

Ensuring enough space for the enjoyment and proper disposal area for the used up sparkles should also be kept in mind to avoid any mishap.

You can book for flights as well through the travel agent and notify guests about the same. The wedding coordinator will take care of all the logistics about the wedding (for instance making sure it meets the legal requirements).

The best man and maid of honor can help too, especially with the guests by making sure they are well settled in.

With that in mind, you should also start calling the best wedding venues North East, checking prices and availability of the date.

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5 Most Expensive Weddings in India

A Wedding or a marriage ceremony means love or binding two people in the strings of love. But in the past few years, the trend has changed completely.

These days there are many families who have created a trend of spending millions of rupees for weddings.

In this article let’s take a look at the five most expensive weddings that India has seen in recent times.

Expensive Wedding India

1- Janardhan Reddy’s Daughters Marriage Function

Cost: Rs. 500 Crore

Janardhan Reddy who is an ex-minister has recently spent 500 crores for the wedding of his daughter Brahmani displaying much of his wealth and splendor. The parade of the wedding ceremony which took place in Bengaluru included the following:

  • Saree of the bride that cost about 17 crores
  • 15 helipads arranged to bring in guests from different parts
  • Bengaluru’s complete palace grounds has been booked as the venue for the main marriage function and decorated to recreate the complete Vijayanagara Kingdom
  • Invitation cards were Gold plated and had LED screens fitted to the same
  • 300 police personnel and 3000 bouncers

The marriage was conducted in such a lavish and splendid manner that it nearly surprised the entire city of Bengaluru.

2- Chief Subrata Roy’s Sons Double Wedding – “The Sahara Wedding”

Cost: Rs. 552 Crore

The extravagant wedding of Sushanto and Seemanto, sons of Subrata Roy to Richa and Chandni respectively happened in 2004. The venue of the marriage function was in Lucknow. Here are the highlights of the next India’s most expensive weddings.

  • The main catch was the presence of celebrities like Amitabh Bachan, Anil Ambani, Aishwarya Rai, Mulayam Singh Yadav to act as the hosts and welcome other guests
  • The complete venue for marriage function was illuminated with the help of marshals, lamps, torch lights and prism glasses
  • The cuisine for the wedding had 101 different dishes from across the world
  • The seven wows followed during Indian marriages were adorned on the pillars placed on the gateway
  • The sangeet function was conducted in Awadh at the Hotel Clarks
  • The pre-wedding functions were all conducted in the grand mansion of the Sahara’s
  • There were other attractions like the performances by a British Orchestra that played all the known Indian tunes and also performances by the Shiamak Davar group
  • The wedding was attended by more than eleven thousand guests who had come from all over the world and was conducted in the Sahara Auditorium

The positive note about the whole wedding was Mr. Roy got about 101 underprivileged girls married at the same time and also fed close to 150,000 beggars.

Jaipur is one of the finest places in India to arrange the most memorable destination wedding. Make sure you check the cost of destination wedding in Jaipur before planning one.

3- Lakshmi Mittal’s Daughter Vanish Mittal’s wedding

Cost: Rs. 350 Crore

The marriage of Lakshmi Mittal’s Daughter Vanisha Mittal to Amit Bhatia took place at Versailles. It was a combination of power, extravagance and wealth that stunned most of the locales. The highlights of the wedding were:

  • Sha Rukh Khan, Aiswarya Rai Bachan, Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukherjee, Kylie Minogue, Akshay Kumar the famous celebrities performed for the wedding
  • The wedding outfits were entirely designed by Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani and Suneet Verma
  • The dance sequences were performed by Farah Khan
  • The mandap was constructed on a pond in the Versailles by 35 craftsmen who had flown from Mumbai

4- Lakshmi Mittal’s Niece Shrishti Mittal’s wedding

Cost: Rs. 500 Crore

The niece of Lakshmi Mittal Shrishti Mittal to Gulraj Behl was a flamboyant wedding that took place in Barcelona. The important highlights of the wedding:

  • Over 200 chefs, assistants, butlers were flown all the way from Thailand and India
  • The wedding happened at the National Museum of Catalan Art atop hill in Barcelona
  • The wedding cake had six tiers and weighed sixty kg
  • Helicopters floated over the beautiful December wedding area and the videographers took the shoot from different angles across the venue

5- Minister Kanwat Singh Tanwar’s Sons Wedding

Cost: Rs. 250 Crore

The big fat wedding of Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria took place in New Delhi in 2011. Lalit Tanwar received a wonderful wedding gift – a Bell 429 helicopter. Important highlights of this extravagant wedding includes:

  • The wedding ceremony was attended by about 2000 guests and all of them received a return gift of 30gm silver biscuits and about 2100/- as cash
  • The tika of the groom was made with 2.5 crore
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5 key wedding photography trends

Your wedding photographs are some of the most precious images you will take in your life.

These photos will capture a lot of moments, people and emotions. Therefore, the style of photography you opt for will be very important.

Some people know exactly what they want from the very beginning. Some people may have known what style they have wanted since they first dreamt of their special day.

Others, on the other hand, may prefer to look at current trends and make their decision from there.

wedding photo

A good wedding photographer will also be able to give advice on what style might be best suited to you, based on your venue, time of the year and other event factors.

Here are some key trends in wedding photography Montreal that your photographer can discuss with you, from the traditional to some modern age techniques.

Using new-age technology

In this day and age, photos no longer just need to be shot using your typical camera.

Yes, there are many different types of cameras on the market, all with unique features and assets.  However, photos can now also be captured using drones.

Drones allow for images to be captured from all different points that traditional photography wouldn’t be able to achieve. For example, a drone can take an overview shot of your event from the sky.

Although you probably wouldn’t want all your shots taken using a drone, it would be great to showcase some unique shots and styles that many others wouldn’t have.

These shots may not be as great in quality but they would make for some different memorable perspectives.

Another modern-day technique to use is the use of smoke machines. This can give a great effect on your photos and can provide a range of different moods.

For example, a smoke machine can give a mysterious or comforting feel to your images. You could even take it one step further and introduce the look of a colored smoke machine effect.

Traditional film photography

Going back to basics is something that many couples are now seeking.

Rather than having their images developed on a computer, they want their photos produced the old fashion way, using an analog camera, negative film, and a dark room.

The reason why this style is so popular is that it does provide a different effect on modern-day images.

It allows for a softer look, rather than today’s clean and sharp styles. It can give your photos a “dream” like appearance, rather than seeing every angle and line that our current technology brings out in photos.

Editorial style

Many couples prefer a more structured and staged look. After all, this is a day when you will have your most elegant attire on, hair done and make-up professionally applied. All the elements to a great magazine shot.

This style is particularly popular because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for when these types of shots can be taken.

You can capture natural moments every day just by using your phones and applying the right filter. However, editorial shots are seen to be exclusive and special, which is what weddings can represent.

With editorial style shots, you have the ability to place individuals exactly where you need them to be in the photo, where exactly you want the eye to be drawn to within the image and other elements such as placement of hands, hair and head moments.

Natural style

Most of us are familiar with filters. Due to social media platforms such as Instagram and also the ability to apply a range of filters to images we take with our Smartphone, most of the photos we take today will most likely have a filter.

Therefore, when it comes to weddings, people are now opting for something different for their special day and are asking their wedding photographer for a more natural style.

Rather than applying filters and using harsh editing processes, people are looking for a style that involves more attention to lighting and the angle of the shot.

Black and white

This style has always been around and it is still a trend today. Some people just prefer black and white photos. It can give the image a romantic feel, allows for more focus on the subjects in the photos and it can also be more flattering.

It can give your wedding photos a vintage feel, which is also a look that many people are now choosing.

At the end of the day, don’t pick a style just because it is “on trend”. Pick a style that resonates with you and what you feel will capture you and your partner’s taste.

However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at how to incorporate the latest technology processes, revisit traditional styles or take a look at some editorial and natural photography.

If you live in the Sydney area, your wedding photography in Sydney will be able to have a discussion with those who are seeking the latest styles in wedding photography. So consider getting in touch with them now.

Wedding Invitations That Can Change The Mood Of Your Guests

Couples always want to make their wedding day a memorable one and the best part to make it a long-lasting effect is the unique wedding card.

The more beautiful is the card, the more effect lasts in the minds of the guests.

wedding inviteThe unique wedding invitations are remembered by everyone for a long period of time.

It is the creative wedding cards that steal one’s heart.

According to, the wedding can be an unexceptional one if the wedding cards are chosen in a proper way.

Therefore, one has to remember that the guests should always get the right message through the card they choose for the wedding.

Video Invitations for Wedding

Video invitations for wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc. are getting much popular than ever before.

The greatest part of these unique wedding invitations is they are just unforgettable.

Nothing is better than this type of invitations for one who is fond of something unique and extraordinary.

One can use digital technology that can add charm to the entire process.

Besides video invitations at, there are many other unique invitation options available.

The name of the couple is being engraved in the bright-colored balloons.

It is then secured to a wedding card before the balloon is being blown up.

One who wants to make this theme more decorative can add vibrant colors and designs.

One can take the help of beautiful images to make a proper impression in the minds of the guests.

One can also get the exact details of the function and how it is going to be conducted.

However, one has to be careful about the paper quality that is being provided by the companies associated with this field.

One who wants to make it in a cost-effective manner can also do that. However, for that, one has to follow the procedures in a proper manner.

One who wants to engage the guests in proper fun should go for unique wedding invitations by the secret agents.

A secret file folder can be opted by the couple where the details of the marriage location would be provided.