Wedding Cakes – Sticking To The Wedding Cake Budget

wedding cake is the main focal point of the reception, after the bride of course . Wedding cakes are as individual as the bride and groom, ranging from simple homemade cakes to extravagant works of art costing thousands of dollars.

As such, when creating a wedding budget, be sure to allocate graciously for the expenses of a wedding cake. Further to that, more complicated and intricate decorations tend to drive up the price of the cake. So once you have established a budge, look for wedding cakes that fit into that budget.

For many people, they feel that an expensive cake is a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere in the wedding. Others may just prefer a basic cake, or even look to explore other cost effective solutions. Sourcing creative wedding cupcake ideas or other individual desserts is one option.

The most common wedding cake seen at weddings is done in a traditional style. This cake usually consists of several layers that is decorated according to the theme and colors of the wedding.

If you want to save money on a wedding cake, chose a smaller size wedding cake for the cake table, with simple decorations. Have sheet cakes ready to be served to guests. They are cheaper and taste just as good!

Using real flowers to decorate a cake is a popular choice. It doesn’t take many flowers to decorate the top of a wedding cake. The bridal bouquet, or a bridesmaid bouquet, can be used as well. Real flowers, rather than icing decorations, are often a more cost-effective way to stay within the wedding cake budget.

Keep in mind that if you insist on going over your budget on an elaborate wedding cake, you will either have to cut costs elsewhere or be prepared to spend more overall.

Research several wedding cake designers, and don’t forget to ask friends and family for recommendations. You may be able to find someone with talent that isn’t necessarily a professional. These wedding cake hobbyists often produce elegant wedding cakes at a much lower cost.

Before signing on the dotted line for your wedding cake, be sure to see samples of their work, and taste samples if possible. If you aren’t satisfied with the samples, you undoubtedly won’t be happy with the final product. Don’t feel obligated to order from them, just because they provided samples.

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