Factors to Consider when hiring Wedding Bar Services

Whether you have an inclusive bar or not, it depends on the venue you have chosen.

Not all venues have a bar, so you may have to go for a wedding bar hire.

It is important especially when you are hosting your wedding reception in your own marquee. If your venue doesn’t have a bar, then it is not the end of the world.

You have several options available for you like bringing your own drinks or hiring professional wedding bar services.

bars for wedding

  1. Look for corkage fees

You should find out if your venue is charging a corkage fee or not. A corkage fee is a cost per bottle opened if you are bringing in your own bottles.

While some venues don’t charge a corkage fee others may charge.

  1. Will you have a cash bar or a free bar?

When you talk about evening receptions, a lot of couples want to have a cash bar, free bar or a blend of the two.

When you hire bar services, then the amount paid for these services depends on the adults present at the event and the time you are availing of their services.

  1. Find out of the bar service has a mobile license

When you are hiring bar services, you should check whether the company has a mobile license or not.

Companies that specifically offer portable bars for weddings or mobile bar services must be having it, but if you re hiring a local bar, then check the license for sure.

If they don’t have a mobile service, you may have to apply for a Temporary Event Notice in order to legally get alcohol.

You can acquire the permit from your local council which should be taken 10 days before the event.

  1. Research

Make sure you do proper research and know what exactly you are getting for your money.

It is important to find out about all the charges, right from corkage fee, costs linked with serving drinks and cost of glass wear.

Look out for the offer packages offered by bars or for the unlimited drinks all night package.

This may work for you and make the services cheaper, but for some, it may get expensive. However, the cost totally depends on the drinks your guests will consume.

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