Unique Wedding Venues That You Would Have Ever Thought Of

Right from the unexpected to the jaw-dropping, you have a long list of places to speak “I do”! And, it comes with a guarantee that you and your guests shall never forget it.

And, here’s the bonus: you’ll save some great time on décor- as these deadly cool wedding venues speak for themselves. Take a look at some of them:


Though art museum is a perfect option, but you do have much more conservatory venues that have high entertainment quotient. City museums, natural historical museums, space museums or kid’s museum render space for rent after closure. With exhibits as your background, you have the perfect advantage of built-in guest entertainment. And, you can also take service of a guided tour for all your guests during the cocktail time.

Converted buildings

You have a great demand of wedding venues in converted buildings like monasteries, factories, warehouses or plane hangars. These unconventional locations work like a new canvas to be transformed to anything which fits your theme with the inclusion of right décor. A lot of converted buildings are managed by event companies that organize weddings. You can hire a wedding planner to organize things efficiently.

State or National parks

Parks are one of the best backdrops that you’ll get for your party, or more specifically wedding pictures. It serves as a perfect location for a casual and intimate wedding expanding the event on a grander scale. Explore the location. Make sure you apply for a permit for the time you need. Find out about the arrangements of equipment, food, drinks and sound. Public parks are a great idea for the ceremony and the rest of the event can be organized at a hotel, restaurant or resort with a great scenic view.

Botanical garden or conservatory

If you’ve always dreamt of a wedding surrounded by flowers and garden, then go for a wedding ceremony at a botanical garden or horticulture center. Apart from the amazing blooms, you have beautiful fountains, tree lined walkways, well-designed flower-beds and a dazzling greenhouse to lighten your D-day. The high glass rooftops and millions of natural greenery eradicate any further need of decoration.

Historical library

Big, famous libraries prove to be the best backdrop for a standard soiree, as the venues are basically archaeological and sprawling with rich architectural structures. If you are a lover of English and Literature, you’ll definitely agree with the idea of marrying amidst some of the best renowned love stories of the world. It would be amazing to take inspiration for your favorite love novel and plan your party accordingly. You can try the Great Gastby inspired décor for your affair!

Why not a boat

Do you love water? Then getting wedded on a sailboat, yacht or ferry could be the best thing for you. Your guests will love it, your photographer will thank you for giving such good scenic views and backgrounds. Remember, getting married in water isn’t going to the high seas. You can also hire commission military vessels which are docked but can be hired for weddings.

Antique store

If you are a lover of antique items and your house is filled with antique things, then you may love the idea of getting married at an antique store. Just imaging- All the eclectic décor that you would like to own will be a witness of your wedding. Organize a good theme and mix and match it with the décor. Right from the centerpiece to the glassware, everything should be well-synced radiating a perfect vintage look.

Tree House

Yes, you heard me! Getting married in a tree house could be quite dreamy. Think of a cottage or a small house in the middle of forest with beautiful woodlands and impeccable views. It is a perfect idea for an intimate ceremony as cottage could hold only a limited number of guests. You can surely take the woodland wedding theme to a whole new level.

You have a lot of places to get married. But it completely depends on your preference, taste and budget. It is a joint decision of the bride and groom. So, decide for a perfect wedding location and make your wedding unforgettable for everyone. It is certainly a day worth remembering!

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