Save The Date Cards: When And Why To Send Them?

It has become the recent trend that the couples send save the date cards along with the wedding invitations to their wedding guests.

Whether you choose to use email invites or traditional invites, these cards are considered to be a very informal and early invitation cards that are loved by many. The main reason for sending such a card to your guests is that you are requesting them to hold the date for your wedding.

In these cards you can also provide information related to travel and as well as accommodation. With these cards you have to provide certain important details that the guests need to know.

While providing these cards there are certain things that you need to know about these cards and we have decided to provide you with some information related to it.

Things to know

When you have planned to send the wedding save the dates cards to your guests then you have to be very careful about the fact that these are not an invitation card.

In the very beginning you have to mention “save the date”. You are actually asking the guests not to engage that particular date with other activities other than your wedding.

Decide about the appropriate size of the card. Don’t make it too big or too small. An envelope is not required for such cards. You will always try to be very informative and to the point. Try to avoid confusions.

You should provide your complete name as there might be some guests who will not be able to recognize you only with your first or last name. Try to make the card a very simple one.

You may provide many unique designs and fonts, but, it is always recommended that keep the card very simple and clear.

Don’t over crowd it.  You can even try to personalize your card by providing pictures of you and your partner and can even hand sign on it. Try to make save the date cards very colourful when using online wedding invitation website.

Benefits of such cards and designs

It is said by many that the save the date cards have many hidden benefits. You are not being able to show your creativity and personality with just the wedding invitation cards, but with save the date cards you can actually show your creative skills.

These wedding invitations cards are very personal and informal and hence, you can add your pictures and even a small rhyme or your own words in it. With the help of these cards you can even let your guests know about the wedding websites in detail.

When you have decided to create save the date cards then, you should also know that there are many designs available for it, and you have to select the best one among so many.

You can go for the magnet pictures as these are not only affordable, but the guests can even keep it on the refrigerator and will be able to see it on a regular basis and this will help them to remember the date.

You can even create a complete CD package where there will be your pictures and even engagement pictures along with music and the date of the main event. You can search on the net for more designs.