Tips for Complementing Bridal Necklace with Your Wedding Gown

For a girl, wedding is the most special and beautiful day in her life. And, she wants to be the most beautiful girl on that special day. Bridal jewelries and accessories play very important role in enriching the look, sense and beauty of a bride in a magnificent manner.

Beautiful bridal necklace adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding attires as well as to your whole look. However, choosing the right necklace is a difficult job although it may seem like a piece of cake. You have to first decide what would be your wedding attire before choosing a necklace.

Here we give you some tips on choosing the right bridal necklace complementing your attire.

Wedding gown with open backs: If you are going to wear a gown with open backs, then you have to pick a lariat necklace as it will look great and have a big hanging jewel on the back that others can see.

Wedding gown without straps: Today, most girls prefer to wear strapless gowns and these are available in variety options to choose from. Fortunately, plenty of designs in necklaces are also available to suit these kinds of wedding attire. You can wear any kind of necklaces, chokers and a simple pendant.

Wedding gown with V necks: Some brides may prefer large V neck gowns and hence, this attire will need an exclusive bracelet style. You can choose a Y drop bracelet as they will look elegant and pretty.

Wedding gown with scoop necks: For scoop necked wedding gown, a multi-stranded beautiful bridal necklace will look great as they hold 1-5 strands and look marvelous on the gown.

Square top gown: These are typical wedding gowns and there is a little number of people who still use this type. If you want to enrich your looks while wearing this kind of wedding attire, then you need to wear a beautiful double stranded necklace. It will help give life to your attire and at the same time looks attractive. This type of necklace is attractive but it does not become the core of attention, which is considered as the special thing with these necklaces.

No matter what type of bridal necklace or jewelry you choose, do not forget to hire one of the best Wedding Photographer in Tuscany when you want to make your day special and most memorable.

As your wedding photographer is the only person who makes your day special by taking the best shots that can define your jewelry, clothing as well as other accessories for life long; invest good deal of time in finding the most experienced and reliable one for your wedding day.

Overall, it does not matter that what type of wedding attire you are going to have, you have to just find the perfect and beautiful bridal necklace that complement your wedding gown. However, ensure that you pick the right one as wedding is a life-time event.

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Best Unique Wedding Arrangement and Decoration for Great Photography

Wedding arrangements are expensive as well as fun filled. Making it unique with latest ideas is a dream of every newly wedding couple.

Here are some fabulous decoration ideas that can make your wedding venue unique and worth photographing. The photographs you will get with these decorations will be just awesome and you will love to see them again and again throughout your lifetime.

Why not try something fresh and upbeat such as peacock feathers or ostrich feathers for decoration?

You can use them as little or as much as you want in the form of centerpieces, boutonnieres, room decorations, and even hair accessories; but either way this is a sure-fire way to save some money on flowers.

Have you seen some of those amazing wood-carved flowers? What about the leather and duct tape ones? Nowadays you will find flowers made out of more than just fabric that will look as equally eye-appealing, if not more, than real flowers on your one-of-a-kind special day.

Centerpieces are wonderful things to have at the reception, but they can be a killer on your wedding budget. Follow a few of these ideas to save a little money per table that can add up quickly. Use candles and use even more candles.

Candles bring a sense of romance with the warm glow of light that dance’s ever so slightly to the excitement that’s present in the air. They also smell amazing and you can really create an entire ambience with a simple scent. Candles have also progressed since their invention, meaning they come in all shapes and sizes so have fun with creating a warm romantic setting for your dream day.

Also, think of using vases as centerpieces. From candy to confetti, from water to glitter, you can fill a vase with just about anything and it is sure to be remembered by guests. Maybe you’re not much of a flower gal at all, but still enjoy the idea of bringing in a little of Mother Nature into your reception.

Have you thought of using gourds, pumpkins, apples, coconuts, and pineapples as centerpieces and decorations? You can really enhance a theme at your wedding by incorporating something other than flowers.

A fall wedding is complimented with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and apples while a tropical themed wedding would be complimented with coconuts and pineapple. You can get really creative here and think way outside of the box for centerpieces. Think books, antiques, objects with a theme, or even sentimental family heirlooms.

Author: Maigen writes about wedding & marriages to provide the tips on how to make the day most memorable and unique. If you are looking for best Wedding photography in Brisbane you can check out the site here at

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Glasshouse Seputeh: One of the Most Memorable Wedding In Malaysia

Well, if you’re planning destination wedding, then you cannot think of a better place to tie the knot other than Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. However, looking out for the best place or a venue to get married in here could be a little challenging.

Well, the dazzling Glasshouse at Seputeh can serve as a mesmerizing and beautiful start for the new wed couple. The hilltop of Seputeh at the heart of Kuala Lumpur serves as a perfect venue for wedding. The place is easier than ever to access, especially for foreigners who travel around the year for weddings.

So, if you are still thinking whether this wedding venue will be a good option or not then you are simply wasting your time as you are not going to get anything better than this.

Looking for a professional wedding planner and a caterer is however important for you so that you can plan your day best leaving all the worries behind.

The reason these wedding organizers are popular because of the fact that the wedding packages are affordable as the cost of everything comes inclusive in the package.

Another bonus part about hiring these wedding organizers in Malaysia is they not even take care of your special day, but also the accommodation, travelling of your guests and activities for your loved is taken care of. The couples do not have to take the stress of planning their wedding.

Having a best wedding organizers and catering service at your side in Glasshouse Seputeh, you are certain to have a dream wedding as the day is going to be filled with wonderful activities. The wedding planner is thorough in helping you with all sorts of details and the kind of wedding you want.

Setting up a meeting with them, you can talk over your wedding plans on how you want to do it or ask for some on-going latest trends and most importantly your budget. When these two things are set then, your wedding is all set to texture your dream into reality.

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3 Vintage-Inspired Ideas For A Tea Party Themed Wedding

Tea party themed weddings have it all: dainty china, beautiful bouquets, and a sense of playful elegance. If you choose to have a tea-party wedding, there are many directions that you can take it in. This theme works well in gardens, as well as intimate indoor settings. It can be rustic, or elegant. And of course, many tea party themed weddings include a strong hint of vintage flavor!

Here are some ideas to inspire the vintage touches that will turn a tea-party wedding into a celebration to remember.

1. A Bouquet Of Old-Time Favorites

Build your bouquet with traditional, classic flowers such as English garden roses, muscari and peonies in dusty, pastel colors. These flowers would look gorgeous carried by a bride in a simple, country-style wedding dress, or an elegant vintage inspired gown.

2. Vintage Tea-Cup Centerpieces

Create D.I.Y. china tea cup centerpieces with dainty vintage tea cups. You can find these at flea markets, estate sales, tag sales, or thrift shops. Fill the cups with wax and a wick, for an evening affair. Pot mini succulents for a southwestern look, or float a votive candle and flower buds in a tea-cup full of water.

3. Wear Vintage Accessories

Add a touch of vintage jewelry to your bridal outfit, even if your gown is contemporary. Gorgeous, colorful vintage earrings, an antique string of pearls, or a borrowed bracelet from another era will do the trick.

The tea party theme is a wonderful vehicle for many vintage touches. Though your wedding many be focused on the rustic or elegant look that you are creating, the vintage touches that you add here and there will give your theme depth. I hope that you found some inspiration in these ideas!

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Tips for Purchasing Best Unique Wedding Favours

Wedding is really very special moment and when it is the matter of complimentary gifting on wedding then it becomes really very difficult choice. Wedding is a time when people give lots of gift to the couples. Giving away the complimentary return gifts is task which is therefore most important and should not be ignored.

However when finding the best unique gifts for your loved ones, it becomes hard to keep your gift unique, between all the presented gifts.

It is often seen that people don’t generally use the gifts which are common or not so special. But personalized wedding gift is unique and will surely increase the value. The receiver will definitely want to place it somewhere special so that others can easily watch it and appreciate it giving them a feel of pride.

Well, if you live in Singapore then you would definitely need to try something that is nearby you. But it is really very difficult to find unique shop for this purpose so why don’t you give your preference to the online options?

The purchase of wedding favours Singapore would be really very easy when you will give your preference to the online shopping. There are so many websites which you can find. is one top reliable and most favorite among all.

When you will make a decision of shopping online for this purpose then you will get really very wide range of the options to choose and this will make your task really very easy and simple!

And as most of the people don’t give much attention to the online wedding favours so this would be a perfect chance for you to get a perfectly unique gift that will be different and highly appreciable for this purpose.

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Destination Wedding Photographer Checklist: Tips for Choosing One

Wedding is a time to cherish and joy. You do not want yourself to be stressed in any kind of thing which can make your day go wrong. Planning for a party is therefore should be done well in advance so that you do not face any issues.

Especially when it comes to destination weddings, it is important that you research a bit extra and choose the professionals who are best experienced in their job.

For instance if you are looking for a good destination weddings photographer there are few most important things that should be checked and cared for.

Should Be Flexible To Changes

While taking pictures of destination weddings, things may never go as planned for a photographer. And therefore you will have to make changes, additions and alterations with your plans and shoot. You must have the mentality as well as the temperament to accept such sudden changes and make arrangements and not create a fuss about it. It’s best to check with your photographer about what are the process and steps that they have planned when it comes to destination wedding photography.

Remember, a good photographer like wedding photographer NYC at will often go a step or a few steps beyond what is mentioned in the contract or what is agreed upon. It is the satisfaction provided and derived from the shoot which matters most for them.

Therefore the photographer you hire should be adjustable to changes, have openness in mind and at the same time be creative as well.

Should Be Passionate and Creative

This might sound very simple and obvious but to take good pictures that will be memorable and valued for a long time may be tough for any good photographer. Remember, wedding photography should not only be about shooting photos and video of the wedding but it should be more about following the passions and honing their creativity and artistic skills.

Therefore, your photographer need to put their clients on top of their personal needs and intentions. Most importantly, a good wedding photographer will put his best foot forward and implement his choices but will never be disrespectful to their clients at any cost or time.  And you should definitely find the one that possess all these properties.

Best Technology and Personality

Proper photography can be achieved by best technology and latest gadgets which is a solid foundation of a wedding photography business. Using the best latest tools will also show how organized and professional wedding photographer is which will surely affect the final outcome.

Apart from the perfect gear to capture the best shot of every moment in a wedding, one of the most significant traits of a wedding photographer is to have a good personality. This will make the job easier for them as they will be able to mix and communicate with the guests who are mostly unknown to them.

Having a pleasing personality will enable them to bring out the best from whom they think is important and worth capturing a picture. With a good personality and communication skills they will find it easy to take the best picture of even the shyest person in the wedding party. Therefore, being charismatic will pay rich dividends in the short as well as in the long run.

Wedding Venues: Tips for Choosing and Arranging Decorations

A most exciting and attractive wedding venue is one of the most important thing to look at when you are planning for a wedding day. In order to arrange a comfortable and pleasing wedding venue for your guests it is important that you check for various things before selecting the one.

First and most important thing you need to check while choosing the best wedding reception venue is your budget. Anything higher than your budget can really cause problems for you as there are many other things you need to arrange for besides this.

Sites like proves very helpful when you are searching for best wedding venues in India. Here you can discover & book the best marriage venues, banquet, exhibition & birthday party halls as well as meeting, conference rooms. You should check this out for all the help.

Further you need to check for the things like decoration, reception, dinner, dance arrangements and much more while you are comparing some of the best wedding banquet hall in Vaughan. After you have checked all the essential things it’s time to check for the decoration of the venue which makes the guests enjoy in a most comfortable and pleasing environment.

When arranging for the decoration of your best wedding venue you may consider choosing the decoration of flowers. Bouquets of different variations of the same flower being spread around the wedding venue not just enhances the grandeur of the event but also is supposed to keep evil spirits and vices at bay.

It has always been safe and easy to use stephanotis or orchids which manage to make anything look grand. Having bouquets coordinated with the backdrop of the particular venue (beach/hall/church/banquet) is a great scheme of decoration for the event venue too.

Although making all the wedding arrangements yourself can be a good idea but it is not always recommended. Especially when you are short of time and want to make all the perfect arrangements for your wedding day without compromising anything, hiring a reliable wedding planner can help you a lot.

You need not worry about any of the wedding arrangements when you hire them. And unbelievably they will take care of all your troubles including booking of wedding venues, decoration, parties, entertainment, catering and much more.

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Saving Your Memories with Reliable Wedding Photographer

Saving memories on the special wedding day is most important. And no doubt this can only be done with the help of a good reliable wedding photographer. Some people hire photographers who claim for doing a brilliant job. Such photographers charge a bit less than experienced ones and thus people get attracted towards them and hire them for the occasion.

But saving some dollars and risking your wedding pictures is no way a wise decision. After all it’s a onetime opportunity and the memories you will get will be forever so, you can’t expect anything unsatisfactory.

Don’t waste your time and hire the best wedding photographer now so that you do not compromise with saving your memories. Once you have made up your mind which photographer to go with, do not waste time hiring him.

It is many times seen that one waste lots of time searching here and there and then when the decision is made one leaves the hiring process for the last moments. This can be a big risk as the professionals are hired very soon. Thus, there are chances that some else will hire the person you are planning to go with and then you will have to compromise going with some alternative.

When the decision is made, why to leave the things for the last? Just book the best Nashville wedding photographer and keep all your worries aside. You can keep yourself free from all the worries related to photography for the day and just expect the final results to be awesome.

In some cases you might be asked to pay some amount as an advance so as to book the date. This is common and thus, you need not have to worry about it. You can just give it but make sure you get a written contract in written so that you can have the proof of the amount given and the remaining amount which you have to pay after the job is done.

Professional wedding photographers work with perfection and in a management way so as not to have any issues either for themselves or for the buyer. Thus, hiring a professional wedding photographer that too well in advance, is always a smart idea. Your memories are precious and you just cannot take chances.

The Secret to Perfect Wedding Photography

Everyone wants beautiful, exquisite photos captured of your wedding but what most people aren’t aware of is that hiring an amazing photographer only gets you half way there. The secret to perfect wedding photography is that producing those cherished visual memories is your responsibility as much as it is your photographer’s. Follow this advice to make sure you have done your part in ensuring your wedding photos are spectacular.

Secret #1: Smile!

The best kept secret of amazing wedding photography is not so secret at all – remember to flash those pearly whites and smile! Smiling will instantly create a better atmosphere in your wedding photos where you will look happy and relaxed. Displaying a grin all the time is not everyone’s cup of tea but for your wedding day, do your best, even if it is just a contented expression.

It is often easier when you are interacting with others to smile. But for those moments you are being photographed by yourself, for example as you walk down the aisle, plan ahead and ask the person waiting for you at the other end to remind you by wearing their own beautiful smile!

Secret #2: Allow time

Time is another important aspect when trying to create beautiful wedding photos. Allow plenty of time for your photographer to capture these moment between you and your partner and the rest of your guests. Weddings are often fast-paced for photographers as when something doesn’t go to plan it is often the scheduled official wedding photography time that is eaten up. Try to keep this in mind when you create a schedule of your day and aim to allow extra time in your plan specifically for your wedding portraits. Doing this will help you get wonderful wedding photos.

Secret #3: Take first-look photos (pre-ceremony photos)

Pre-ceremony wedding photos are a well-kept secret but are also an excellent way to allocate enough time for creating the perfect wedding photography! Some advantages of having your wedding portraits before the ceremony include:

  • You don’t have to worry if any situation makes you deviate from your schedule as you already have your wedding portraits!
  • You get the ‘first-look’ photos of you and your fiancée seeing each other for the first time in your wedding attire.
  • This photo session can be just you, your partner and your photography, making it relaxing and easier for you to have a good time and smile!
  • The makeup, hair and clothes are fresh and ready for photos.
  • You have more time to mingle with your guests after your ceremony as you are not away taking photos.
  • You’ll be less nervous to walk down the aisle as you have already got to spend some time with your wedding party to help ease your nerves.

Secret #4: Kiss slowly

This may seem like a really easy tip but it is very helpful for your wedding photographer! You don’t have to have a full make-out session but kiss just a bit longer than you normally would to allow your wedding photographer to capture those moments for you.

Secret #5: Have a shot list

This is a very important tip as your perfect wedding photos will likely differ from other wedding couples and your photographer’s personal ideals. Provide your wedding photographer with a written list or images that you would like to see recreated on your special day, so that you and your photographer are on the same page. Lastly, remember to make a shot list of your family members and close friends that you want group photos of. By doing this you can guarantee that you won’t miss out on shots that are important to you.

Secret #6: Take photos without the on-lookers

To capture those stunning wedding photos of the bride and groom that you see splashed over Pinterest and Instagram, you need to allocate yourself time alone with your partner and your wedding photographer. You may be really comfortable around your wedding party but it is hard to create soft and intimate moments with a crowd around (who will likely be making you giggle or at least providing commentary). Furthermore, some couples will find kissing in front of others really awkward. Ditch the embarrassment by politely letting your wedding party know that they are right to go ahead and enjoy the party!

Secret #7: Ask a family member or friend to coordinate group photos

Our last bit of advice to help you with your wedding photography is to appoint someone to help your photographer gather the individuals you want in your group photos such as family and friends. Your photographer will not know all the names of your family members so it can be hard for them to locate individuals for photos and this can eat up time, having that extra person that knows everyone can speed up this process so everyone can get back to enjoying themselves. I promise you, having this helper will make your photographer’s day!

Get ready for the spectacular wedding photos!

Following this list will help your photographer capture the amazing wedding photos that you can look back on for years to come. Have any more ideas for wedding tips to ensure perfect wedding photography? Contact us and let us know!

5 key wedding photography trends

Your wedding photographs are some of the most precious images you will take in your life. These photos will capture a lot of moments, people and emotions. Therefore, the style of photography you opt for will be very important.

Some people know exactly what they want from the very beginning. Some people may have known what style they have wanted since they first dreamt of their special day. Others on the other hand may prefer to look at current trends and make their decision from there.

If you live in the Sydney area, your wedding photography in Sydney will be able to have a discussion with those who are seeking the latest styles in wedding photography.

A wedding photographer in Sydney will also be able to give advice on what style might be best suited to you, based on your venue, time of the year and other event factors.

Here are some key trends in photography that your photographer can discuss with you, from the traditional to some modern age techniques.

Using new age technology

In this day and age, photos no longer just need to be shot using your typical camera. Yes, there are many different types of cameras on the market, all with unique features and assets.  However, photos can now also be captured using drones.

Drones allow for images to be captured from all different points that traditional photography wouldn’t be able to achieve. For example, a drone can take an overview shot of your event from the sky.

Although you probably wouldn’t want all your shots taken using a drone, they would be great to showcase some unique shots and styles that many others wouldn’t have. These shots may not be as great in quality but they would make for some different memorable perspectives.

Another modern day technique to use is the use of smoke machines. This can give a great effect to your photos and can provide a range of different moods. For example, a smoke machine can give a mysterious or comforting feel to your images. You could even take it one step further and introduce the look of a coloured smoke machine effect.

Traditional film photography

Going back to basics is something that many couples are now seeking. Rather than having their images developed on a computer, they want their photos produced the old fashion way, using an analog camera, negative film and a dark room. The reason why this style is so popular is because it does provide a different effect to modern day images.

It allows for a softer look, rather than today’s clean and sharp styles. It can give your photos a “dream” like appearance, rather than seeing every angle and line that our current technology brings out in photos.

Editorial style

Many couples prefer a more structured and staged look. After all, this is a day when you will have your most elegant attire on, hair done and make-up professionally applied. All the elements to a great magazine shot.

This style is particularly popular because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for when these types of shots can be taken. You can capture natural moments every day just by using your phones and applying the right filter. However, editorial shots are seen to be exclusive and special, which is what weddings can represent.

With editorial style shots, you have the ability to place individuals exactly where you need them to be in the photo, where exactly you want the eye to be drawn to within the image and other elements such as placement of hands, hair and head moments.

Natural style

Most of us are familiar with filters. Due to social media platforms such as Instagram and also the ability to apply a range of filters to images we take with our Smartphone’s, most of the photos we take today will most likely have a filter.

Therefore, when it comes to weddings, people are now opting for something different for their special day and are asking their wedding photographer for a more natural style. Rather than applying filters and using harsh editing processes, people are looking for a style that involves more attention to lighting and the angle of the shot.

Black and white

This style has always been around and it is still a trend today. Some people just prefer black and white photos. It can give the image a romantic feel, allows for more focus on the subjects in the photos and it can also be more flattering.

It can give your wedding photos a vintage feel, which is also a look that many people are now choosing.

At the end of the day, don’t pick a style just because it is “on trend”. Pick a style that resonates with you and what you feel will capture you and your partner’s taste. However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at how to incorporate the latest technology processes, revisit traditional styles or take a look at some editorial and natural photography.