THE Vows: Best Lightroom Presets for Wedding

Wedding photographers are the busiest; as the wedding season looming they don’t have a lot of time to edit. A professional full-time photographer heavily relies on the tools to save time in the editing process. Photographers, especially portrait photographers for wedding, are always searching for creative and trendy “looks” to apply to their photos.

There are many ways to apply these “looks” and all of them can be re-created in Photoshop; however, almost all professional portrait photographers use a program called Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom presets for wedding makes it much faster and simpler to apply different “looks”, or presets, to your wedding portraits.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Presets are the file that let Lightroom to apply specific developing settings to the image. It can be seen on the left panel of the Develop Module present in the Preset panel and it is also visible in the drop down menu of Quick develop panel in the Library.

Lightroom presets for wedding comes with the range of presets, which are stored in the folders on the type of preset you wish to edit. Instead of manually editing a photo from scratch, you can apply a preset to make a big change and edit from there.

Inspired by traditional films and organic tones for awesome wedding photographs, The Vows offers state of art lightroom presets for wedding which is aimed to offer a versatility and quick work flow to the wedding photographers.

The Vows Lightroom presets for wedding are exclusively designed to bring consistency and efficiency to the wedding photographs while emphasizing clean and accurate skin tones. Whether batch is about editing an entire wedding or needing a preset for a detailed shot, The Vows presets lightroom for wedding is all set give you the versatility to overcome any wedding photo editing challenge.

Lightroom preset for wedding bundle from The Vow offers to enhance wedding photographs for your special day. Using our Lightroom preset to bring out the best in all for your special day; whether it is to add contrast, clarity, focus or other effects our Lightroom preset bundle offers you all these options to create memories on your beautiful wedding day.

Clip In Hair Extensions For Looking Fashionable and Stylish

Hair Extensions are in demand in today’s fashion world especially at occasions such as wedding. More and more people are actually looking forward to sport some clip in hair extensions to change the way they look. These hair extensions are mainly of 2 kinds – Synthetic made and 100 % natural hair made.

In all probability, both these are great and fun to experiment with. Needless to say, the 100 % natural hair one is more expensive than the synthetic variety. Also, the naturally made variety is any day long lasting one the kind than the synthetic variety.

The idea is to choose the kind that actually matches your requirement the most. Go for the one that will suit you and fit your bill. Like, if you are actually looking for something that will add color and is a mere temporary fashion statement, then it is advisable to opt for the synthetic kind.

On the other hand, if you think that the hair extensions will actually be used to make your hair look thicker and longer, then go for the natural variety.

Just application of hair extensions is not enough. It is important, that you also ensure that you take good care of the hair extensions. If you are opting for the natural variety, then the parlor people actually have to tell you the dos and don’ts.

The biggest point to take care is that the clip in hair extensions need to be looked after just as the real hair needs to be done. Just as real hair needs to be combed and nurtured. Similarly, the clip in variety also needs to be well looked after.

In fact it is extremely important that once you use the clip in hair extension, you actually trim your hair. This will make the hair cut look natural and will also ensure that the clip in hair extensions get infused with your hair. Also you need to take care that you choose good quality products from reliable hair extensions manufacturer and brand.

Hottie Hair is one great brand to look at when you want to get some best natural human hair extensions. They offer high quality and are best for occasions such as weddings, festivals or any other.

Additionally you can visit any parlor and they will brief you about the various ways that you can actually take good care of your hair extensions and clip in extensions to the best of your abilities.

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Hiring Best Wedding Videography Team for Your Special Ocassion

“Wedding”- this very word rings the bell; it is this occasions that may be one of the most important things that take place in your life.

This once in a lifetime occasion needs everything which is used to be at its best of form. Every one of us wants that our weeding should be perfect in all aspect especially with the look we carry.

Looking special is also a demand for every bride and groom due to the reason that they want their photography or videography to be the best.

However the fact being, not only dressing great is important for good videopgraphy but also choosing the best services is most important for you. Specially when it is your wedding occasion you can not afford to take any chance by booking the cheap and non reliable photographers or videographers.

Choosing a professional team or expert is important because they know it well about how and what to click and at what time.

Why Book Your Wedding Videography Team In Advance?

It is often seen that people who keep the booking of wedding videography team for the last moment, have to compromise with the quality. Due to non availability, they then need to book the one which is not professional and skilled.

Thus, it is always a smart idea to book your wedding videography team well in advance so as to get one as per your desire and interest. It is also a good idea to research well and compare different services before going for one. After completing all your research, go for a service which is highly reliable, trustworthy, experienced as well as affordable.

For instance if you are looking for best videographer in France, Znaharchuk studio is the one to opt for. They are well known for their luxury Wedding videos.

The good part is, they are based in Prague and available worldwide. For the last 10 years, this husband and wife creative wedding videography team have filmed wedding projects in more than 27 countries.

Having worked with different people (different nations, religions etc.) they can easily find a way to work with any type of client in any country.

Wedding Cakes – Sticking To The Wedding Cake Budget

wedding cake is the main focal point of the reception, after the bride of course . Wedding cakes are as individual as the bride and groom, ranging from simple homemade cakes to extravagant works of art costing thousands of dollars.

As such, when creating a wedding budget, be sure to allocate graciously for the expenses of a wedding cake. Further to that, more complicated and intricate decorations tend to drive up the price of the cake. So once you have established a budge, look for wedding cakes that fit into that budget.

For many people, they feel that an expensive cake is a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere in the wedding. Others may just prefer a basic cake, or even look to explore other cost effective solutions. Sourcing creative wedding cupcake ideas or other individual desserts is one option.

The most common wedding cake seen at weddings is done in a traditional style. This cake usually consists of several layers that is decorated according to the theme and colors of the wedding.

If you want to save money on a wedding cake, chose a smaller size wedding cake for the cake table, with simple decorations. Have sheet cakes ready to be served to guests. They are cheaper and taste just as good!

Using real flowers to decorate a cake is a popular choice. It doesn’t take many flowers to decorate the top of a wedding cake. The bridal bouquet, or a bridesmaid bouquet, can be used as well. Real flowers, rather than icing decorations, are often a more cost-effective way to stay within the wedding cake budget.

Keep in mind that if you insist on going over your budget on an elaborate wedding cake, you will either have to cut costs elsewhere or be prepared to spend more overall.

Research several wedding cake designers, and don’t forget to ask friends and family for recommendations. You may be able to find someone with talent that isn’t necessarily a professional. These wedding cake hobbyists often produce elegant wedding cakes at a much lower cost.

Before signing on the dotted line for your wedding cake, be sure to see samples of their work, and taste samples if possible. If you aren’t satisfied with the samples, you undoubtedly won’t be happy with the final product. Don’t feel obligated to order from them, just because they provided samples.

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Printable Wedding Games: Must Have for Making Your Party Most Entertaining

Marriage happen once in a lifetime for many couples and that is why it is the duty of a couple to make the entire ceremony a memorable one.

Organizing a theme party with lots of fun and entertainment in wedding ceremonies is the best way in which one can make their wedding more interesting and memorable for both, the couple as well as the guests.

Printable wedding games are best to add to your reception party. Its a good idea because most of these games are focused on the new couple. These are intended for large groups of people and guests who attend the party so that they feel entertained.

Perhaps, many guests attending the wedding do not come to play the games but to bless the bride and groom. Still, good entertaining games will add color to the event and entertain all your audiences.

Etsy shop ElinaWedding is a good spot online to search, if you want to get some of the most entertaining and amazing printable wedding games for your party.

Here games such as mad libs, wedding bingo, find someone, guess who etc. are most popular and can be customized according to the requirement.

One who wants to make the marriage a big bash may go for these games at as it adds gloss to the fancy marriage theme.

Overall, if you wish to make your wedding party little different than the other ordinary wedding parties then it is important that you give preference to creativity and unique wedding entertainment ideas.

It is good to choose a game for wedding so that your guests and their kids feel entertained all through the event. And choosing one from a reliable store can help you best.

So why not check them out and make your party most entertaining and memorable.

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Choosing The Best Bridal Wedding Dress Online

Fashion is ever changing thing and if you want to look pretty and attractive then you would need to follow the latest trends.

It is not about what other thinks about your appearance, it is to gain your own appreciation for your looks. The designer dressing is a perfect way to show yourself a different and bright side of you.

Designer clothing will make you look smarter and it is best choice for those who seek for perfection in following trends and it is best suitable for them too who like to follow their looks or beauty and not any fashion trends.

Most importantly, designer dresses are the best choice for graceful and bold looks in women. Especially when it comes to choosing wedding dress for brides, today women are appreciating designer dresses and it is becoming hugely famous among the modern women who care about their looks and appearance.

There are so many online stores where you can find most suitable and highly attractive bridal wedding dresses. All you have to do is simply visit the internet and then find out best the dress store.

Choosing a good reliable dress store is equally important as it is to choose a good designer bridal wedding dress for your wedding. Luv Bridal’s wedding dress store in Gold Coast is one of the most reliable and trust worthy in case you are looking for in Gold Coast Australia.

The unique dress patterns and styles you find here are just amazing and one of its kind. If you are the fan of great designer and luxurious wedding dresses then you will not love to miss these out.

Just drench your desire and look cool with these most adventurous and imaginative bridal wedding dresses. You will love the compliments you get due to the star personality you get with these amazing dresses.

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What to Look For in Wedding Photography Packages?

Finding the best – that must be your mantra for your wedding! You might be on the lookout for everything when it comes to your wedding. One such important aspect of your wedding that needs attention is wedding photography.

Unlike other works related to your wedding like flower decoration or catering or even seating arrangement is possible for you to look and feel and even experience how your guest will react.

While photography is not something that you can look and feel, hence require you to work very closely and take every step cautiously toward selecting your wedding photographer.

Before going with selecting your photographer you need to first highlight and understand or find answer to few important questions like:

Finding your photography style: Yes, you heard it right! There are various photography styles which you can choose. Now this will be possible for you only if you rack your mind and decide if you wish to have a documentary styled, portrait, fine art or bold photographs clicked on your wedding.

Do thorough homework before decision making: Browse through various wedding blogs, magazines, articles – in short anything and everything that could help you understand or get details on wedding photographers in town.

Learn about various artists in town and carefully shortlist few among them who could be of potential benefit to you. Do not forget to check out their social media profiles, past experience and photos that they have clicked in the recent past.

Host an interview: You must meet your potential photographer in person. Find a ball park range on charges applied for their wedding photography based on your theme and style of photos.

Make sure to meet everyone you have shortlisted and only then finalise on your choice. Talk about your wedding venue, style, theme and colour of your dress and even the budget you have in mind.

Which wedding photography package should I choose

Now, once you have finalised on your  high end wedding photographer in Atlanta for the day, the next question arises on the payment part. You might have a number in your mind and it may not be necessary that your photographer charges the same.

While you are still searching for getting wedding photography Atlanta prices, it is possible that negotiations happen. These days Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000 are available which may go up all the way till $10,000.

It is your choice on how much you need to spend on your photography. Choose from the various Atlanta wedding photography packages that your photographer has got to show. Affordable wedding photography Atlanta services at are good to look at when you want to get the best services at an affordable most price.

While you can compare difference in rates in each package you also need to closely watch on what is the difference in terms of photo style in each of these packages. Scrutinise through each package carefully and select your package only after you have understood your package completely.

The careful questions that you need to ask your photographer when it comes to choosing package is the hours of coverage, number of photographs taken and the cost that might be considered for any add ons that you require.

Be careful to find answers to all these questions and look beautiful and stunning on your D-day.

6 Wedding Day Disasters And Tips On How To Handle Them

It’s the moment that both of you have waited all of your lives for – and suddenly, something goes horribly awry. No matter how much planning goes into your wedding, it’s inevitable that there will be one or more little hiccups during the blessed event.

Unfortunately, sometimes those hiccups are not so little. Here are six of the worst disasters that can occur on your wedding day – and how to best handle them.

The Disaster: You lose one of the rings

The Fix: Losing one of the wedding bands is definitely an all hands on deck kind of emergency. First, retrace your steps or get as much information from the party responsible for the bands. When were they last seen? Where has the person responsible been since they were last seen?

Have everyone in the wedding party retrace that person’s steps as something as small as women’s or men’s wedding rings can be easily overlooked.

If locating them seems hopeless, or even if you just want to be on the safe side while everyone searches, have a friend or family member run to a local jewelry store and pick up an inexpensive temporary replacement band or bands.

Men’s wedding rings can often be pretty interchangeable, so if it is the groom’s wedding band that is lost, you may be able to replace it altogether. If you’re in a remote location with no nearby jewelry stores, borrow bands from family members just for the ceremony.

The Disaster: The flowers are a dead mess

The Fix: It’s terrible but true: as pretty as flowers are, they can also be incredibly fickle, and it’s not entirely uncommon for them to arrive at your wedding location in a less than ideal condition. Factors like intense heat or wind can also play a part, especially at outdoor weddings.

To make the best of this ugly scenario, have an artistically inclined friend or family member first pick through and remove any particularly offensive stems, taking care to rearrange them a bit. If the end result is too sparse, have them run to a local grocery store or florist and fill the arrangements in with low maintenance stems or greenery.

If the weather conditions are such that any improvements will soon be erased, have that same friend do a quick freshening up of the stems immediately prior to guest arrival.

The Disaster: Your wedding dress does not fit

The Fix: Wedding dress is something very important for you without which you cannot go ahead. Its best for you to keep it ready by hiring a most reliable designer who expertise in the bridal wedding dresses.

Bridal shops such as Riki Dalal Bridal Shop in London will care for each and every fine details of the dress to make sure that it fits perfectly. Try to get your designer wedding dresses bit ahead of time so that you can get the time for trial and any improvements if needed.

The Disaster: One or more of the wedding party is inebriated before the ceremony has even begun

The Fix: As frustrating as it can be, there’s not too much reasoning that can be done with a drunken groomsmen or bridesmaid…at least until the alcohol wears off. Have another member of the wedding party keep them occupied and away from the alcohol until the ceremony, and try to dry them out a bit with food and water.

If they’re still looking pretty sorry immediately before the ceremony, try to minimize their participation as much as possible, and put the other wedding party members in charge of keeping them contained during your vows.

The Disaster: The photographer is having technical difficulties

The Fix: The addition of electronics or anything like photography can often bring with it the inevitability of something going awry. If your photographer is having any difficulty or is unable to attend the occasion try to contact your friend or relative you know who was a good photographer before.

According to Annabel law productions wedding photography it is important that you talk to your photographer in advance about what alternates they have in case they face any technical difficulties.

The Disaster: The officiant is forgetting his or her lines…including the bride’s and groom’s names

The Fix: Even the most practiced wedding officiants can come down with the occasional serious case of stage fright. On the bright side, while it might be torturous for you, it can also provide a little entertainment for your guests during the ceremony.

Whatever you do, don’t let the officiant’s nervousness rub off on you – just chuckle along with everyone else and move on.

Even if disaster strikes on your wedding day, it’s still your big day! It may not have gone according to plan, but with a little flexibility and humor, even bigger mishaps will be unable to ruin this momentous occasion.

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Kanjivaram Silk Saree: Best For Your Wedding Day

The most difficult job for a bride to be now-days is discovering the flawless wedding outfit.

They often worry about, when would it be a good idea for them to buy the outfit? Which outfit to purchase? How would they discover one that they love? Cool off. Let us help answer few of those inquiries as the sky is the limit.

At the point when is the ideal time to purchase your wedding outfit?

Ordinarily, when a lady gets ready for marriage in India, they need to hurry out and find that immaculate dream dress or wedding saree.

With the time in mind, you ought to look to a thought of where you need to buy your outfit and what style you like.

Silk Sarees for Indian Weddings: Why Its Most Preferred 

When it comes to fashion apparel for women, it is evident that they tend to wear clothes that suit their personality.

They buy clothes and sarees that are unique and designer in their appearance.

In most cases, women tend to buy such sarees that can enhance their beauty and improve their appearance in the greatest manner. For this reason, it is evident that they would wish to buy clothes at stores that are most reliable and latest.

Kanjivaram silk sarees are one of the best to shop, especially when it comes to shopping for wedding sarees. At online sites such as you can find pure silk bridal sarees that are certified and of high quality.

Ladies often need to spare cash when purchasing their wedding sarees. But while shopping online they need not worry about carrying the loads of cash as there are numerous other options available for payment.

When you are purchasing clothes, it will be really amazing if you can save a considerable amount of price. In case, you are planning to do the same, it would be wise on your part to buy at wholesale from reliable stores.

Searching over the online would provide you with numerous options that claim to offer the latest designer sarees to fit women of every age and every profession perfectly. So why not get them online to save your time as well as money.

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Great Wedding Favours: To Inspire Your Guests Perfectly

Got engaged on a beautiful evening of a winter holiday? Wow! What a lovely moment that you will cherish forever!!

There are many wonderful ideas to help you make your special day even more special and unforgettable.

You can try some hot cocoa favors, chocolate favors, coffee favors for your guest gifts if you are planning the D’day in a winter season.

These gift ideas are great for guest as they can take home and enjoy later whenever they think of the fun they had at your wedding party.

Brides who are planning to get married on New Year’s Eve can get some New Year Eve wedding favors and décor ideas that are of all shapes and sizes. Poppers, noisemakers, boas and hats will add excitement to the 12’0 clock magic.

You can also try the gold and black New Year’s Eve wedding. Gold is a trendy color for every wedding season, so celebrate your day with beautiful gold favors.

How about giving a gold kissing bell with a message tied on with ribbon? Really cute no! And, this cute favor will make it for an elegant wedding favor.

For wedding, trends and inspiration are endless here at They have the absolutely perfect wedding favors and décor for the most special day in your life.

Wedding favours Singapore that you find here will obviously add to the fun and festivity of your special day. Choose favors for your day or look for DIY favors at our collection to choose the best suitable one for your style and personality.

You will be going to delight your guests with the right and perfect favors. Here at this site shopping for guest gifts may be the most enjoyable part of wedding planning. They are the ways to remember your wedding may years to come.

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