Chocolate Fountain: Adding Special Flavor in Weddings

Chocolate- no one can hate this. Everyone loves chocolate. And for all chocolate lovers, the chocolate fountain is a mouth-watering term.

Usually, there are two types of chocolate fountains- commercial chocolate fountain and home chocolate fountain.

chocolate fountain

Commercial chocolate fountains are used mainly in professional environments such as catering, wedding; hotel, etc. the size of commercial chocolate fountains are ranged from 20 inches to 50 inches.

Depending on the size of the model, commercial chocolate fountains can hold up to 35 pounds of chocolate. Size of home chocolate fountains can be up to 19 inches and they can hold up to 6 pounds of chocolate.

The advantage of installing a chocolate fountain at your wedding event is that it can be treated as dessert or appetizer.

If you have plenty of heavy foods on your occasion then you can save it for the end. And on those occasions where there are relatively lighter foods, you can use it at the same time with those foods.

Another advantage of the chocolate fountain is that you can dip almost anything in chocolate. Anything which tastes good with some chocolate, you can serve those foods or dishes with the chocolate fountain.

Some fruits like kiwi, bananas, and strawberries or some snacks like marshmallows, cookies, and pretzels are can be served with chocolate.

You should not dip fruits like watermelon or some soft foods like cake because that may crumble if you try to dip and thus can disturb the chocolate flow of the fountain.

According to Caterer in Udaipur use of chocolate fountain adds some extra flavor to the wedding party where it is used. These fountains act as fondue and a huge variety of foods can be placed along with the fountain.

So if you want to add an extra flavor to your wedding party why not consider adding them to make your guests feel happy. With a little effort, you can add more sweetness in some occasions by hiring a good caterer.

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Importance of Choosing The Best Flowers for Wedding Occasion

Flowers bring an immense charisma to the place and people. These can be simply described as the epitome of affection.  At the same time, the wedding is the most special event in a person’s life. It brings happiness, love, and joy of togetherness in one place at one time.

Flowers and wedding is, therefore, a great combination which makes the special occasion most memorable for all.

Whether one is planning for a wedding occasion or an engagement party, the beautiful floral decorations shall bring a great ambiance to the occasion. And therefore getting beautiful decoration with flowers is a must-have which you should not forget at any cost. 

A wedding can appear to be really cumbersome if the entire venue is heavily decorated with bad flowers or when the bride is attending the function without the flowers. In order to tackle such situations, one should always hire professionals that can give smart solutions to such problems.

The professional florists donate their entire lives to service people with such beautiful manifestations of love.  Such experts can be hired for floral arrangements along with the best wedding planners so that your wedding occasion looks grand as well as beautiful.

The customers can choose amongst various categories of flower decorations and can pick the designs and arrangements as per the styles and budgets they have in mind. The online portals comprise all possible designs including the best wedding flowers for the summer season, at the most reasonable price range.

You can even get in touch with your wedding planner in Udaipur to get an idea about what is the latest trend and best options according to the season.  They can help you decide the package according to your budget.

 The simple and easy addition of special flowers and flower bouquets designed just for your wedding would be a perfect idea to make your wedding remarkable and you can do research on the internet to find the companies for this purpose. 

Compare among the best and you would be surely able to find the most suitable and reliable service according to your requirement soon.

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Tips To Find Best Affordable Wedding Photographer Online

Wedding is one of the most special times of your life. If you want to make sure that your wedding becomes the part of your life as well as memorable for life long, it is important that you don’t forget hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Keeping your beautiful wedding pics will help you to make sure that your wedding memories always stay with you. Choosing a best photographer is therefore very important.

Why it is important to hire best professionals?

A photographer who has no experience at all can miss out the smallest details and moments, when it comes to taking the photographs. These moments are most important for you to capture as it makes the wedding special.

However when you hire professionals, they know their job very well and they capture all these moments by using the right equipment and cameras at suitable angles.

No doubt a professional photographer will always use latest technology in order to provide best results. With their experience and latest technology they will not miss anything big or small and will come up with amazing results which you might not even have expected.

Do professional photographers charge more?

An experienced and a professional photographer might charge a bit high than someone else but it’s always a wise idea to spend high so as to get something amazing and superb.

It really becomes awkward for a bride or groom to pose for the pictures for wedding albums amidst all the guests. But the techniques used by professionals are unique which makes it easy for everyone even without disturbing the moments that are enjoyed by the couple.

Where to find best photographer?

If you want to find the best wedding photographer Singapore with the benefit of affordability then there is nothing better than the internet research for you. Because if you will start this research manually with the help of directories and if you will visit places personally for this purpose then it will take really very long time and the results would not be much satisfactory as well.

So, it is really very important that you don’t give your higher level preference to physical research and you should prefer internet research more for this purpose. All you have to do is just start your research on the search engine and then you can find so many suitable results in which it will become quite easy to see the alternatives and make the best selection.

You should visit all the available alternatives or options of the weddng photography Singapore service and then you should choose top wedding photographer like on the basis of service variety, customer preference ratio and online reputation. This will hardly take few hours and the result of your research will definitely give you few best options of the service providers!

And then finally, you can compare the prices of selected service providers from each other which will help you to find best and most affordable service provider quite easily.

Make Your Wedding Special With Best Wedding DJ

If you are planning for a wedding then choosing a best DJ for the entertainment of your guests is a most crucial thing which you cannot ignore.

However choosing the best one will not only require your time but it will also require efforts and creativity of your mind.

This is due to the fact that you do not just want to plan a simple wedding that will be just like all the other weddings. Rather you want your wedding occasion to be unique and most memorable.

The addition of an entertaining wedding DJ group in the wedding will definitely make wedding really very unique and enjoyable as well. But when you are making the selection then you should make sure that the entertainment service of your selection would be suitable for your wedding.

If you are having a boring dj then it will make your party go boring but if your dj is great then you can be sure that it can fill light and joy in a boring party too. A perfect wedding DJ Niagara actually knows how to make the crowd enjoy the party and what songs to play and how to make people dance of the dj floor.

While booking them you should ask for their experiences, sample music, about the previous events which they have done, etc.

Besides the wedding DJ, you can consider to add some other fun activities or games that will help audiences enjoy their time in wedding. The addition of games and other fun activities in the wedding plan will help you to make your wedding highly memorable as well.

So what are you waiting for? Just check for your best wedding dj online and book them now to avoid last minute delays and hassles.

Plan it pre hand and get the best dj booked so that you can make the special day memorable not just for you and your partner but for the whole crowd.

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Shades Of Blue: How To Pick Out A Sapphire Engagement Ring

Blue reminds you of the sea. It represents calmness and peacefulness. Blue also conveys life, purity, and femininity. In many cultures it also symbolizes stability, security and lifelong loyalty. It’s not surprising that many people prefer a blue sapphire ring over clear diamond.

Did you know that sapphire stones come in many colors? Within the wide range of colors, we find an abundance of shades of blue. Here is your guide to picking out the right sapphire ring. We’ll cover baby blues to teal sapphire engagement rings, so you find the one that makes your heart soar.

Baby Blue

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you can picture this shade. It’s the soft, comforting tone of the boy’s baby blanket or the “it’s a boy!” themed invitation. This tone is gentle and light. It will draw attention to your ring finger but not in the commanding way of a dark blue stone.

Cashmere Blue

Cashmere blue is darker than baby blue, but still soft and gentle.

Ceylon Blue

Did you used to color with crayola crayons as a child? Do you remember the rich, vibrant ceylon blue which was perfect for ocean scenes? This color of sapphire is mainly mined in Sri Lanka. The word “Ceylon” comes from the name of a place where explorers found this type of stone. Ceylon blue is vibrant and medium toned.

Blue Green

Some sapphires have pleochroic qualities. This is a fancy word for when a stone looks different from different directions. From the top, it may look blue, and from the side, it appears green. When you pick up a blue green sapphire, look at it from many directions.

Cornflower Blue

Diamonds are treasured for their purity, and lack of color. Sapphires, on the other hand, are valued for their rich colors. Cornflower blue, also called true blue, or royal blue, is one of the most coveted shades of blue sapphire. The medium to dark tone is saturated with color, while still appearing bright and clear (not murkey).

Now that you know more about the different shades of blue, you can begin to shop sapphire rings. Whatever shade you choose, your ring is sure to be the unique and super-special piece that you’ve been dreaming of.

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Tips for Planning Wedding Flower Arrangements On A Budget

Weddings are expensive, but who’s to say that it needs to be. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget then look no further for advice on how to pull off a high-class wedding for your special day that only a princess deserves at a fraction of the cost.

Floral arrangements can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding planning, but they don’t have to be. I am here to tell you that floral arrangements can be done wonderfully regardless of the budget size.

Ditch the florist and DIY your floral arrangements instead

First and foremost, you can DIY your floral arrangements without a professional, from the bride’s bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere, it’s all possible.

We are lucky enough to live in a society today that has access to just about anything at the tip of our fingertips, and what’s even better is that people like to share their ideas and creations as well as create step-by-step guides for others that are free of charge. Pinterest and YouTube are the places to go when looking for inspiration and how-to’s when creating your own floral arrangements. You should also order flowers online instead of using the local florist.

In most cases you can find awesome deals on fresh cut flowers or even pre-set packages that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when ordering online rather than purchasing through a florist.

Be sure to do your research and use blooms that are in season. In season means that they’re readily accessible and don’t need to be grown in special facilities or shipped from overseas, which typically will cost you more do to the added overhead to create and deliver something that isn’t naturally grown in that area or that time of year. On a similar note, use more greenery and less flowers.

Greenery such as leaves and vines can add a sophisticated and modern touch to an already traditional bouquet of flowers while also bringing in new colors and textures.

Get married in a garden

Thinking of having an outdoors wedding instead? Then why not get married in a garden! Gardens are already gorgeous by nature and smell fantastic to boot. Get in contact with a local garden, speak to friend, or even think about using your own garden.

Can’t get a garden to host your event but you want to incorporate Mother Earth into your wedding a little more, why not use wildflowers, twigs, and weeds for your bouquets and centerpieces? While it may be an uncommon choice for a wedding day it is far from being ideal when considering beauty.

Weeds, twigs, and wildflowers can look absolutely remarkable when coupled with a delicate dress in order to create a sense of calm serenity between the harsh ruggedness and the gentle delicateness. Moreover these look beautiful in your photographs and wedding videos.

Get married around the holidays

You can also save money by getting married around the holidays. If you’re thinking of getting married in the winter then take advantage of the floral decorations that churches often already have in place for this special time of year where they’re celebrating Christmas and the New Years. Easter is another good holiday in which many churches are decorated in festive floral arrangements.

Keep in mind though that there’s one month of the year that you should avoid having a wedding, and that’s February. Everyone knows that Valentines Day is a day when couples show their love for one another by purchasing cute gifts such as chocolates, jewelry, and of course flowers. This means that flowers will be more expensive regardless if they’re in season or not.

Get the floral alternates

Ditch the real and check out some these alternatives to the real deal. Go for the silk. Today’s silk is a lot more realistic looking then those of ten years ago and the best part, well I should say two of the best parts, is that you don’t need to care for them before the wedding and they will last a lifetime without a lot of preservation after the wedding.

Maybe you want something a little more funky, why not create your floral arrangements out of old buttons, gems, vintage hairpins, brooches and similar assortments to make a truly unique yet drop-dead gorgeous bouquet, boutonniere, or centerpiece?

One last bit of advice – keep it simple. We all have big dreams of this luxurious, jaw-dropping wedding that is the highlight of everyone’s year and one that is often referred to when speaking of weddings, but let’s be realistic here.

What really matters on this special day is the engagement of two separate families becoming one and that’s the most important part and should never be forgotten. So don’t lose sight of what’s really important. Dream big but keep your head out of the clouds and your heart as the forerunner.

Author bio: Author is a professional blogger who write blogs related to wedding planning, wedding videos and more.

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Planning A Santorini Wedding For A Lifetime Memory

Santorini ( in Greece) is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. Known for its unique beauty, due to left out remains after an enormous volcanic eruption, it is one of the best pleasing romantic destination for weddings and honeymoons.

Santorini Island is a wonderful and beautiful island which has a good climate. The sceneries filled in this place are much relaxing to the minds.  If you are planning a wedding at a Santorini island you need to consider some of the essential elements of planning for smooth sailing.

Preparing the Budget and Invite The Friends/Guests

Now this is the first and the foremost job you need to get done.

As the bride or groom, you should be ready to arrange for the wedding package, airfare and accommodation costs for the two of you, unless you have generous families.

After all, it is the work of the couple to decide on the date and the kind of wedding package to choose from according to the budget they have in mind.

After preparing for the guests list for the Santorini wedding, its time to invite them for your day.  When inviting friends for a wedding, remember that this is a major outlay on their part and some may decline. So you should confirm them twice about how many of them are actually attending the occasion so that you can make the necessary arrangements for them. 

The guests who join the couple at the resort should pay for their own costs. Or you can even arrange for some of them, if you have sufficient budget. You can contact the resort for special deals for the guests who agree to attend. Think about their needs and whether they can get accommodation package options at an affordable price. You also need to consider their flights encourage them to book early so they can arrive on the right day.

Book The Wedding Package And Services 

If you want to get better feel and entertaining environment, simply give your preference to the wedding plans in advance. You can take assistance of the best wedding planner and book them well in advance to avoid the last minute delays.

Do not forget about the services such as DJ, catering, flowers, etc. You should talk about all these with your wedding planner so that it can be booked according to your preference. If you want, you may have special activities included and many other not-so-essential things that you want to include as well. You should take some time to write it down and then talk to your wedding planner about them.

Although there are many other aspects of planning your wedding day, you should have the above mentioned tips on your checklist. Do pick up the greatest among the best wedding planner and forget all stress. They can really help you make your wedding day most memorable.
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Wedding Ring with Quality Diamonds Makes You Smile Forever

We always know when a relationship is getting serious and inching towards marriage. And almost every girl has a rough idea about what wedding ring she would want, but not all couples talk about such details. For this you can let your boyfriend know about what you would like on your finger forever.

If this doesn’t work, simply search for an image of the type of ring using the common factors. For example, you may search for white gold, princess cut solitaire or the one with the latest design having colored diamonds embedded.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are also in trend and are loved by many when it comes to purchasing diamond wedding ring.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are something special and can make you feel a proud owner. These are natural (earth mined real diamonds) and hence carries low clarity grade. These are therefore subjected to the laboratory processes for getting the desired clarity grade and attractiveness.

Now that when you know what you want, it’s time to make it known. Men usually turn to the best friend for opinion on such matters, so make sure you show a picture or talk about that perfect sparkler to your boyfriend.

Another way is to find a similar ring printed in an online or offline magazine and bring it to his place. Flip through the pages until you come to the picture and let him know you love it. Such subtle hints are classically enough to get your point across. If you can’t, then there is always the straightforward approach.

No matter what you decide to do to get him to buy the perfect ring; you can be sure that the hardest part will be to decide on one by yourself. There are such a wide variety of wedding rings available in the online market today that the choice is overwhelming.

You can search online where you can ensure of getting the best quality wedding rings along with the unique set of diamonds that makes you smile forever.

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Importance of Getting A Good Catering Services for Your Wedding Party

If you are going to organize an important party like a wedding party, be stressed no more and ease that anxiety away by getting great catering services for your party.  Just make your individual choices and set your budget plans.

Catering services do the rest. You can think about taking care of your guests leaving the meals and other things to the catering service.

Getting great catering services for your party will benefit you in many ways. Since, professionals’ experts in the work they do, all the worries are gone. The quality of food is outstanding. Availing a catering service is one-step solution when it comes to everything that you will need for your wedding planning.

Getting great catering services for your party is a hassle free, reliable way to ensure everyone stays happy and well fed and gives best value for your money. In addition to food preparation, they will provide the tables, chairs, servers and take care of decor as well. Many catering services offer event managements with free of cost. Many caterers provide event management.

The best way of getting great catering services for your party is looking online for a caterer. Ensure to hire a service with a great deal of specialized experience. It is important to hire a caterer that understands your needs because it helps to establish a nice relationship with your caterer.

It is better to hire a caterer from your local area so that the caterer will be familiar with the area, its venues and supporting vendors. For instance if you are in Malaysia and are in search for a wedding catering service you can go with WYK Catering service that is much reliable. They offer customizable menus so you can select the perfect foods you want to serve at your party.

While choosing your caterer it is important to inform them about the number of guests and their preferences. This helps them to come out with perfect plan. Ensure to brief the caterer about the date, time of the event, location, menu, number of guests etc. Getting great catering services for your party will make your party enjoyable and memorable one. So why not book them now and stay relaxed.

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Important Things to Check Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding day is the most memorable day for all couples in their lifetime. And for this reason, every couple wants to get the best arrangements possible which makes the day exciting for them as well their guests.

If you want to make sure that your wedding preparations are done professionally and efficiently then you need to do all your wedding planning in a way that will suit everyone’s expectations.

The excitement of the marriage ceremony can be increased a lot by choosing the best venue possible, that caters to all your needs. Choosing a great wedding venue is in fact a most crucial thing (as compared to other services) which cannot be ignored at any cost.

Below are few most important things you need to take care, before choosing your wedding venue.

  • Budget is the first and the foremost thing to check before you plan to book the wedding venue.
  • Determining your style before booking is also one important aspect which should not be ignored. With so many options available, you should check whether you want an outdoor ambiance or a formal and grand hotel look.
  • Based on your style you should also check and decide the time of year and season when you want the party to be organized.
  • Make a list of number of guests that are visiting the party. Choose the venue with proper capacity based on that.
  • Check whether you need a separate venue for a ceremony and reception. Many times people who do not have enough budget, can try same venue for both the parties.

Overall, you can take the help of the internet in order to carry an extensive search on different options that are available for you. Moreover, you can also take the help of a proper event management team who can guide you in the right track.

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Also they have very helpful staff which help their guest to achieve what they have in mind. Overall the team is so flexible that they try their best to make your wedding night most memorable. 

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