Choosing the Right Engagement Ring for Your Beloved

Since inception, the diamond is regarded as the sign of true love and everlasting commitment. The stability, strength, durability and most importantly the beauty of diamond engagement rings makes it symbolic of the tradition of the eternal institution of wedding.

And for these reasons, it is true that diamond rings are being the first choice for engagement rings.

The wedding proposal through diamond rings dates back to 1477 and since then a trend of diamond engagement rings has been evolved. Even the jewelry was then strictly limited to the rich and wealthy.

The tradition spread with wooers making proposals to their beloved and betrothed with these glittering stones. Today there are many shops at offline and online markets selling diamond rings for engagement purpose at different price rates.

As with increasing demand the prices also declined and today there is great variety available which is even affordable for common person.

Gorgeous Princess Cut Engagement Rings for that Beautiful Glamorous Look

The princess cut engagement rings will have an amazingly beautiful and glamorous look. They will have gorgeous look and sparkles. These diamond engagement rings are worth their values, romantic and classic. When these are worn, the wearer becomes the cynosure of eye. These are perfect options for being given as gifts or compliments to the beloved ones.

Among different cuts for diamonds, the most popular Barion shaped cut shape, standing in the second position is the princess cut (originating the French cut of the earlier period), serving as a distinctive alternative to round brilliant cut, which occupies the first position.

This cut was created in the 1960s and hence is said to have relatively new origin. The face-up shape in the princess cut is either square or rectangular; the side-on shape (profile) will resemble an inverted pyramid, with 4 beveled sides.

Between the princess cut diamonds and the round brilliant cut diamonds, both having the width and diameter equaling each other, the princess cut will have more weight, because of its four corners, which will be cut off and rounded so that the round brilliant formation is achieved.

The princess cut sometimes has an alternative name as square modified brilliant. However, it displays the similar high degree brilliance, unique faceting style (though different from the faceting style of round brilliant). When directly viewed through the table, this cut enables a distinctive cross shaped reflection.

The diamond with square princess cut will slightly be cheaper, when compared to round brilliant cut because of a higher percentage of retention (around 80%) diamond. Princess cut diamonds have a crushed ice look or chunky outlook, when it has fewer chevrons.

In making this princess cut engagement rings, a high caliber of craftsmanship is required so that they come with brilliance both in respect of quality and shining and turn out to be reality of your dreams. These rings will stand as perfect rings for perfect matches. This flawless princess cut engagement rings will sparkle.

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