Chocolate Fountain: Adding Special Flavor in Weddings

Chocolate- no one can hate this. Everyone loves chocolate. And for all chocolate lovers, the chocolate fountain is a mouth-watering term.

Usually, there are two types of chocolate fountains- commercial chocolate fountain and home chocolate fountain.

chocolate fountain

Commercial chocolate fountains are used mainly in professional environments such as catering, wedding; hotel, etc. the size of commercial chocolate fountains are ranged from 20 inches to 50 inches.

Depending on the size of the model, commercial chocolate fountains can hold up to 35 pounds of chocolate. Size of home chocolate fountains can be up to 19 inches and they can hold up to 6 pounds of chocolate.

The advantage of installing a chocolate fountain at your wedding event is that it can be treated as dessert or appetizer.

If you have plenty of heavy foods on your occasion then you can save it for the end. And on those occasions where there are relatively lighter foods, you can use it at the same time with those foods.

Another advantage of the chocolate fountain is that you can dip almost anything in chocolate. Anything which tastes good with some chocolate, you can serve those foods or dishes with the chocolate fountain.

Some fruits like kiwi, bananas, and strawberries or some snacks like marshmallows, cookies, and pretzels are can be served with chocolate.

You should not dip fruits like watermelon or some soft foods like cake because that may crumble if you try to dip and thus can disturb the chocolate flow of the fountain.

According to Caterer in Udaipur use of chocolate fountain adds some extra flavor to the wedding party where it is used. These fountains act as fondue and a huge variety of foods can be placed along with the fountain.

So if you want to add an extra flavor to your wedding party why not consider adding them to make your guests feel happy. With a little effort, you can add more sweetness in some occasions by hiring a good caterer.

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