5 Most Expensive Weddings in India

A Wedding or a marriage ceremony means love or binding two people in the strings of love. But in the past few years, the trend has changed completely.

These days there are many families who have created a trend of spending millions of rupees for weddings.

In this article let’s take a look at the five most expensive weddings that India has seen in recent times.

Expensive Wedding India

1- Janardhan Reddy’s Daughters Marriage Function

Cost: Rs. 500 Crore

Janardhan Reddy who is an ex-minister has recently spent 500 crores for the wedding of his daughter Brahmani displaying much of his wealth and splendor. The parade of the wedding ceremony which took place in Bengaluru included the following:

  • Saree of the bride that cost about 17 crores
  • 15 helipads arranged to bring in guests from different parts
  • Bengaluru’s complete palace grounds has been booked as the venue for the main marriage function and decorated to recreate the complete Vijayanagara Kingdom
  • Invitation cards were Gold plated and had LED screens fitted to the same
  • 300 police personnel and 3000 bouncers

The marriage was conducted in such a lavish and splendid manner that it nearly surprised the entire city of Bengaluru.

2- Chief Subrata Roy’s Sons Double Wedding – “The Sahara Wedding”

Cost: Rs. 552 Crore

The extravagant wedding of Sushanto and Seemanto, sons of Subrata Roy to Richa and Chandni respectively happened in 2004. The venue of the marriage function was in Lucknow. Here are the highlights of the next India’s most expensive weddings.

  • The main catch was the presence of celebrities like Amitabh Bachan, Anil Ambani, Aishwarya Rai, Mulayam Singh Yadav to act as the hosts and welcome other guests
  • The complete venue for marriage function was illuminated with the help of marshals, lamps, torch lights and prism glasses
  • The cuisine for the wedding had 101 different dishes from across the world
  • The seven wows followed during Indian marriages were adorned on the pillars placed on the gateway
  • The sangeet function was conducted in Awadh at the Hotel Clarks
  • The pre-wedding functions were all conducted in the grand mansion of the Sahara’s
  • There were other attractions like the performances by a British Orchestra that played all the known Indian tunes and also performances by the Shiamak Davar group
  • The wedding was attended by more than eleven thousand guests who had come from all over the world and was conducted in the Sahara Auditorium

The positive note about the whole wedding was Mr. Roy got about 101 underprivileged girls married at the same time and also fed close to 150,000 beggars.

Jaipur is one of the finest places in India to arrange the most memorable destination wedding. Make sure you check the cost of destination wedding in Jaipur before planning one.

3- Lakshmi Mittal’s Daughter Vanish Mittal’s wedding

Cost: Rs. 350 Crore

The marriage of Lakshmi Mittal’s Daughter Vanisha Mittal to Amit Bhatia took place at Versailles. It was a combination of power, extravagance and wealth that stunned most of the locales. The highlights of the wedding were:

  • Sha Rukh Khan, Aiswarya Rai Bachan, Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukherjee, Kylie Minogue, Akshay Kumar the famous celebrities performed for the wedding
  • The wedding outfits were entirely designed by Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani and Suneet Verma
  • The dance sequences were performed by Farah Khan
  • The mandap was constructed on a pond in the Versailles by 35 craftsmen who had flown from Mumbai

4- Lakshmi Mittal’s Niece Shrishti Mittal’s wedding

Cost: Rs. 500 Crore

The niece of Lakshmi Mittal Shrishti Mittal to Gulraj Behl was a flamboyant wedding that took place in Barcelona. The important highlights of the wedding:

  • Over 200 chefs, assistants, butlers were flown all the way from Thailand and India
  • The wedding happened at the National Museum of Catalan Art atop hill in Barcelona
  • The wedding cake had six tiers and weighed sixty kg
  • Helicopters floated over the beautiful December wedding area and the videographers took the shoot from different angles across the venue

5- Minister Kanwat Singh Tanwar’s Sons Wedding

Cost: Rs. 250 Crore

The big fat wedding of Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria took place in New Delhi in 2011. Lalit Tanwar received a wonderful wedding gift – a Bell 429 helicopter. Important highlights of this extravagant wedding includes:

  • The wedding ceremony was attended by about 2000 guests and all of them received a return gift of 30gm silver biscuits and about 2100/- as cash
  • The tika of the groom was made with 2.5 crore
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Amazing Bachelorette Party Ideas

Marriage is ought to be a sacramental union of two loving souls. However, the pressures that come with planning a beautiful wedding takes away all the divine and heavenly experience and instil a sense of restlessness, anxiousness and nervousness in the bride.

Owing to the fact that they have to manage a hundred chores and are continuously working non-stop for the big day sets in some jitters in the bride.

These pre-wedding jitters are best ruled away by an amazing bachelorette party thrown in honor of the bride with her friends or bridesmaids.

This party lets the bride relax extensively and let her hair down and feel carefree and away from all the stress she was experiencing due to the strenuous big day planning activities day in and day out.

Here we list some of the top bachelorette party ideas that are ruling the party scene now and are a hit world-wide which exclude any X-rated activity.

  • Game for Gambling: As they say marriage is a gamble so why not have the event at a casino or a racetrack? You never know you may end up being lucky and get more than the free drinks in the form of a huge bounty.
  • Glamour Girls Photo-shoot: It is always fun to wear great costumes accessorized with colorful wigs, wedding veils and glasses shaped in a variety of ways like the beer mugs, hearts etc. There are wide arrays of themes that you could select from. After getting all geared up head to a nearby professional studio and capture your stunning shots and save them for a lifetime. After your glamorous shoot you can continue with the party as you decide maybe go bar hopping or try an activity like a treasure hunt etc.
  • Spa retreats: There is no other heavenly feeling for women than to pamper them-selves and relax together at a spa. It is best to head to a full services spa where you can enjoy your manicures and mud wraps along-with various types of massages. It’ll be great to get a new look before the wedding and everyone including the bride will be extremely happy. A beautiful glowing and rejuvenated skin can forego the lack of alcohol and junk foods that you would miss, no one will be complaining.
  • Miles and Miles: A bachelorette party is all about bonding and having an amazing time in the company of your bunch of girls. Hiking or setting off to LA where unlimited dancing and drinking will be the spice of the night is the usual course of action that is taken by most bachelorettes. An element of zing and something intriguing is that you will end up meeting many new people and will be able to party with complete strangers. Many other outdoor activities like camping, mountain boarding or indulging in outdoor sports can be another alternative.
  • Slumber fun: Do you miss the old school days and sleepovers? Can’t wait to get in your pajamas and have some girlie talk? Well then this could be your last chance to have a big slumber party before the wedding. It could be at your house or a hotel suite. Indulge in a classic sleepover with your favorite movies, music and food as an accompaniment. This is the best time for reminiscing the past and building some more memories for the future. Plan fun games and activities for the night. The favorite here is the truth and dare and the wedding trivia game. It’ll be your last day of female solidarity so make the most of it. Be as creative as you can. Make the bride feel like a princess. Plan well and get entertained the most.
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