Best Unique Wedding Arrangement and Decoration for Great Photography

Wedding arrangements are expensive as well as fun-filled. Making it unique with the latest ideas is a dream of every newly wedding couple.

Here are some fabulous decoration ideas that can make your wedding venue unique and worth photographing.

The photographs you will get with these decorations will be just awesome and you will love to see them again and again throughout your lifetime.

Why not try something fresh and upbeat such as outdoor buildings, skyscrapers, peacock feathers or ostrich feathers for decoration?

You can use them as little or as much as you want in the form of centerpieces, boutonnieres, room decorations, and even hair accessories; but either way, this is a sure-fire way to save some money on flowers.

Have you seen some of those amazing wood-carved flowers? What about the leather and duct tape ones?

Nowadays you will find flowers made out of more than just fabric that will look as equally eye-appealing, if not more, than real flowers on your one-of-a-kind special day.

Centerpieces are wonderful things to have at the reception, but they can be a killer on your wedding budget. Follow a few of these ideas to save a little money per table that can add up quickly. Use candles and use even more candles.

According to Wedding photographer Hong Kong, candles bring a sense of romance with the warm glow of light that dance’s ever so slightly to the excitement that’s present in the air. They also smell amazing and you can really create an entire ambiance with a simple scent.

Candles have also progressed since their invention, meaning they come in all shapes and sizes so have fun with creating a warm romantic setting for your dream day.

Also, think of using vases as centerpieces. From candy to confetti, from water to glitter, you can fill a vase with just about anything and it is sure to be remembered by guests.

Maybe you’re not much of a flower gal at all, but still, enjoy the idea of bringing in a little of Mother Nature into your reception.

Have you thought of using gourds, pumpkins, apples, coconuts, and pineapples as centerpieces and decorations? You can really enhance a theme at your wedding by incorporating something other than flowers.

A fall wedding is complimented with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and apples while a tropical themed wedding would be complimented with coconuts and pineapple.

You can get really creative here and think way outside of the box for centerpieces. Think books, antiques, objects with a theme, or even sentimental family heirlooms.

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