6 Wedding Day Disasters And Tips On How To Handle Them

It’s the moment that both of you have waited all of your lives for – and suddenly, something goes horribly awry. No matter how much planning goes into your wedding, it’s inevitable that there will be one or more little hiccups during the blessed event.

Unfortunately, sometimes those hiccups are not so little. Here are six of the worst disasters that can occur on your wedding day – and how to best handle them.

The Disaster: You lose one of the rings

The Fix: Losing one of the wedding bands is definitely an all hands on deck kind of emergency. First, retrace your steps or get as much information from the party responsible for the bands. When were they last seen? Where has the person responsible been since they were last seen?

Have everyone in the wedding party retrace that person’s steps as something as small as women’s or men’s wedding rings can be easily overlooked.

If locating them seems hopeless, or even if you just want to be on the safe side while everyone searches, have a friend or family member run to a local jewelry store and pick up an inexpensive temporary replacement band or bands.

Men’s wedding rings can often be pretty interchangeable, so if it is the groom’s wedding band that is lost, you may be able to replace it altogether. If you’re in a remote location with no nearby jewelry stores, borrow bands from family members just for the ceremony.

The Disaster: The flowers are a dead mess

The Fix: It’s terrible but true: as pretty as flowers are, they can also be incredibly fickle, and it’s not entirely uncommon for them to arrive at your wedding location in a less than ideal condition. Factors like intense heat or wind can also play a part, especially at outdoor weddings.

To make the best of this ugly scenario, have an artistically inclined friend or family member first pick through and remove any particularly offensive stems, taking care to rearrange them a bit. If the end result is too sparse, have them run to a local grocery store or florist and fill the arrangements in with low maintenance stems or greenery.

If the weather conditions are such that any improvements will soon be erased, have that same friend do a quick freshening up of the stems immediately prior to guest arrival.

The Disaster: Your wedding dress does not fit

The Fix: Wedding dress is something very important for you without which you cannot go ahead. Its best for you to keep it ready by hiring a most reliable designer who expertise in the bridal wedding dresses.

Bridal shops such as Riki Dalal Bridal Shop in London will care for each and every fine details of the dress to make sure that it fits perfectly. Try to get your designer wedding dresses bit ahead of time so that you can get the time for trial and any improvements if needed.

The Disaster: One or more of the wedding party is inebriated before the ceremony has even begun

The Fix: As frustrating as it can be, there’s not too much reasoning that can be done with a drunken groomsmen or bridesmaid…at least until the alcohol wears off. Have another member of the wedding party keep them occupied and away from the alcohol until the ceremony, and try to dry them out a bit with food and water.

If they’re still looking pretty sorry immediately before the ceremony, try to minimize their participation as much as possible, and put the other wedding party members in charge of keeping them contained during your vows.

The Disaster: The photographer is having technical difficulties

The Fix: The addition of electronics or anything like photography can often bring with it the inevitability of something going awry. If your photographer is having any difficulty or is unable to attend the occasion try to contact your friend or relative you know who was a good photographer before.

According to Annabel law productions wedding photography it is important that you talk to your photographer in advance about what alternates they have in case they face any technical difficulties.

The Disaster: The officiant is forgetting his or her lines…including the bride’s and groom’s names

The Fix: Even the most practiced wedding officiants can come down with the occasional serious case of stage fright. On the bright side, while it might be torturous for you, it can also provide a little entertainment for your guests during the ceremony.

Whatever you do, don’t let the officiant’s nervousness rub off on you – just chuckle along with everyone else and move on.

Even if disaster strikes on your wedding day, it’s still your big day! It may not have gone according to plan, but with a little flexibility and humor, even bigger mishaps will be unable to ruin this momentous occasion.

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