5 reasons your Sydney Wedding deserves a Wedding Photographer

Sydney, a wedding photographer’s paradise! They get the continual joy of capturing people’s most amazing moments on one of the most incredible days of their life in one of the most incredibly beautiful cities. But on that most special day your Sydney wedding requires a wedding photographer. Not a friend, not even a photographer, you deserve wedding photographer.

“My friend has a nice camera and over 10,000 instagram followers, I’ll just let her do it”, you say after balking at the prices.

Yes, but she also has an affiliation for champagne and selfies.

“Photos are photos, I’ll hire a regular photographer”, also you while still not understanding the delicate art form that is wedding photography in Sydney.

In the same way weddings aren’t a party for a couple; wedding photography isn’t ‘snapping nice pics’ of a special day.

Why do I need a Wedding Photographer in Sydney?

Pictures have clout, they’re a social currency. We’re all looking for a perfect photo of us and oh boy, oh boy, the joy of getting that perfect pic of you in that sexy outfit where your hair is on point is a feeling like no other. And when it comes to a day as special as a wedding, you don’t want just 1 perfect picture, or 2, you want 20, 50, 100, an album of perfect pictures, capturing all the nuances, all the emotions, all pageantry.

2. A wedding photographer gets the vibe; understand the flow of the wedding. There’s the moments when your father wells up at the sight of his daughter. The moment when the best man and the groom just look at each other smiling, expressing nothing but love. The moment of absolute wonderment during your first dance. And a wedding photographer knows this, feels it. They’ll capture the beautiful moments, the pure moments, the moments of your wedding that are real.

  1. Photography is hard. Like, really hard. A wedding photographer knows the correct way to utilise that polychromatic light generated only through stained glass. Taking a picture that truly portrays your transcended beauty and not one that resembles an 8-year-olds’ recreation of a kaleidoscope. They understand the perfect Photoshop effect to visual animate the picture into redisplaying all the joy of the day and not the fading light of the early night reality. A wedding photographer uses every trick they have to make sure the pictures truly portray your wedding it’s all its glory.
  2. They’re prepared with so much decked out gear that they could probably have a mildly successful photography equipment loan store set up at your wedding. Armed with an array of lenses to capture every moment in specifics that most effective capture its essence, or handle the lighting changes caused by time or location. Secondary cameras, batteries and SD cards so that, any technical issues which arise can be dealt with so swiftly you would never know. They’ll sit down and discuss with you before and after making sure your wedding can be pictured the exact way you desire.
  3. Sydney is a multifaceted city that provides you with any character or vibe you want, mountains or beaches, grunge or glamour, avocado smash served on a garden spade or a steak with a beer. You need to know how to approach each wedding location, so that the tonality of the picture can properly express the side of you and your wedding you want. Photography of a Sydney wedding can bring out the most incredible scenes and having a professional do that for you can give you pictures that accurately reflect your special day.

Both Wedding photography and Sydney are unique and need to be approached as such. There are many reasons why a professional wedding photographer is the right decision for your wedding and ultimately it comes down to the fact that you deserve to capture your special day the way it deserves to be.