The secret to perfect wedding photography

Everyone wants beautiful, exquisite photos captured of your wedding but what most people aren’t aware of is that hiring an amazing photographer only gets you half way there. The secret to perfect wedding photography is that producing those cherished visual memories is your responsibility as much as it is your photographer’s. Follow this advice to make sure you have done your part in ensuring your wedding photos are spectacular.

Secret #1: Smile!

The best kept secret of amazing wedding photography is not so secret at all – remember to flash those pearly whites and smile! Smiling will instantly create a better atmosphere in your wedding photos where you will look happy and relaxed. Displaying a grin all the time is not everyone’s cup of tea but for your wedding day, do your best, even if it is just a contented expression.

It is often easier when you are interacting with others to smile. But for those moments you are being photographed by yourself, for example as you walk down the aisle, plan ahead and ask the person waiting for you at the other end to remind you by wearing their own beautiful smile!

Secret #2: Allow time

Time is another important aspect when trying to create beautiful wedding photos. Allow plenty of time for your photographer to capture these moment between you and your partner and the rest of your guests. Weddings are often fast-paced for photographers as when something doesn’t go to plan it is often the scheduled official wedding photography time that is eaten up. Try to keep this in mind when you create a schedule of your day and aim to allow extra time in your plan specifically for your wedding portraits. Doing this will help you get wonderful wedding photos.

Secret #3: Take first-look photos (pre-ceremony photos)

Pre-ceremony wedding photos are a well-kept secret but are also an excellent way to allocate enough time for creating the perfect wedding photography! Some advantages of having your wedding portraits before the ceremony include:

  • You don’t have to worry if any situation makes you deviate from your schedule as you already have your wedding portraits!
  • You get the ‘first-look’ photos of you and your fiancée seeing each other for the first time in your wedding attire.
  • This photo session can be just you, your partner and your photography, making it relaxing and easier for you to have a good time and smile!
  • The makeup, hair and clothes are fresh and ready for photos.
  • You have more time to mingle with your guests after your ceremony as you are not away taking photos.
  • You’ll be less nervous to walk down the aisle as you have already got to spend some time with your wedding party to help ease your nerves.

Secret #4: Kiss slowly

This may seem like a really easy tip but it is very helpful for your wedding photographer! You don’t have to have a full make-out session but kiss just a bit longer than you normally would to allow your wedding photographer to capture those moments for you.

Secret #5: Have a shot list

This is a very important tip as your perfect wedding photos will likely differ from other wedding couples and your photographer’s personal ideals. Provide your wedding photographer with a written list or images that you would like to see recreated on your special day, so that you and your photographer are on the same page. Lastly, remember to make a shot list of your family members and close friends that you want group photos of. By doing this you can guarantee that you won’t miss out on shots that are important to you.

Secret #6: Take photos without the on-lookers

To capture those stunning wedding photos of the bride and groom that you see splashed over Pinterest and Instagram, you need to allocate yourself time alone with your partner and your wedding photographer. You may be really comfortable around your wedding party but it is hard to create soft and intimate moments with a crowd around (who will likely be making you giggle or at least providing commentary). Furthermore, some couples will find kissing in front of others really awkward. Ditch the embarrassment by politely letting your wedding party know that they are right to go ahead and enjoy the party!

Secret #7: Ask a family member or friend to coordinate group photos

Our last bit of advice to help you with your wedding photography is to appoint someone to help your photographer gather the individuals you want in your group photos such as family and friends. Your photographer will not know all the names of your family members so it can be hard for them to locate individuals for photos and this can eat up time, having that extra person that knows everyone can speed up this process so everyone can get back to enjoying themselves. I promise you, having this helper will make your photographer’s day!

Get ready for the spectacular wedding photos!

Following this list will help your photographer capture the amazing wedding photos that you can look back on for years to come. Have any more ideas for wedding tips to ensure perfect wedding photography? Contact us and let us know!