Shades of blue how to pick out a sapphire engagement ring

Blue reminds you of the sea. It represents calmness and peacefulness. Blue also conveys life, purity, and femininity. In many cultures it also symbolizes stability, security and lifelong loyalty. It’s not surprising that many people prefer a blue sapphire ring over clear diamond.

Did you know that sapphire stones come in many colors? Within the wide range of colors, we find an abundance of shades of blue. Here is your guide to picking out the right sapphire ring. We’ll cover baby blues to teal sapphire engagement rings, so you find the one that makes your heart soar.

Baby Blue

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you can picture this shade. It’s the soft, comforting tone of the boy’s baby blanket or the “it’s a boy!” themed invitation. This tone is gentle and light. It will draw attention to your ring finger but not in the commanding way of a dark blue stone.

Cashmere Blue

Cashmere blue is darker than baby blue, but still soft and gentle.

Ceylon Blue

Did you used to color with crayola crayons as a child? Do you remember the rich, vibrant ceylon blue which was perfect for ocean scenes? This color of sapphire is mainly mined in Sri Lanka. The word “Ceylon” comes from the name of a place where explorers found this type of stone. Ceylon blue is vibrant and medium toned.

Blue Green

Some sapphires have pleochroic qualities. This is a fancy word for when a stone looks different from different directions. From the top, it may look blue, and from the side, it appears green. When you pick up a blue green sapphire, look at it from many directions.

Cornflower Blue

Diamonds are treasured for their purity, and lack of color. Sapphires, on the other hand, are valued for their rich colors. Cornflower blue, also called true blue, or royal blue, is one of the most coveted shades of blue sapphire. The medium to dark tone is saturated with color, while still appearing bright and clear (not murkey).

Now that you know more about the different shades of blue, you can begin to shop sapphire rings. Whatever shade you choose, your ring is sure to be the unique and super-special piece that you’ve been dreaming of.