Planning wedding flower arrangements

Weddings are expensive, but who’s to say that it needs to be. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget then look no further for advice on how to pull off a high-class wedding for your special day that only a princess deserves at a fraction of the cost.

Floral arrangements can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding planning, but they don’t have to be. I am here to tell you that floral arrangements can be done wonderfully regardless of the budget size.

Ditch the florist and DIY your floral arrangements instead

First and foremost, you can DIY your floral arrangements without a professional, from the bride’s bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere, it’s all possible.

We are lucky enough to live in a society today that has access to just about anything at the tip of our fingertips, and what’s even better is that people like to share their ideas and creations as well as create step-by-step guides for others that are free of charge. Pinterest and YouTube are the places to go when looking for inspiration and how-to’s when creating your own floral arrangements. You should also order flowers online instead of using the local florist.

In most cases you can find awesome deals on fresh cut flowers or even pre-set packages that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when ordering online rather than purchasing through a florist.

Be sure to do your research and use blooms that are in season. In season means that they’re readily accessible and don’t need to be grown in special facilities or shipped from overseas, which typically will cost you more do to the added overhead to create and deliver something that isn’t naturally grown in that area or that time of year. On a similar note, use more greenery and less flowers.

Greenery such as leaves and vines can add a sophisticated and modern touch to an already traditional bouquet of flowers while also bringing in new colors and textures.

Get married in a garden

Thinking of having an outdoors wedding instead? Then why not get married in a garden! Gardens are already gorgeous by nature and smell fantastic to boot. Get in contact with a local garden, speak to friend, or even think about using your own garden.

Can’t get a garden to host your event but you want to incorporate Mother Earth into your wedding a little more, why not use wildflowers, twigs, and weeds for your bouquets and centerpieces? While it may be an uncommon choice for a wedding day it is far from being ideal when considering beauty.

Weeds, twigs, and wildflowers can look absolutely remarkable when coupled with a delicate dress in order to create a sense of calm serenity between the harsh ruggedness and the gentle delicateness. Moreover these look beautiful in your photographs and wedding videos.

Get married around the holidays

You can also save money by getting married around the holidays. If you’re thinking of getting married in the winter then take advantage of the floral decorations that churches often already have in place for this special time of year where they’re celebrating Christmas and the New Years. Easter is another good holiday in which many churches are decorated in festive floral arrangements.

Keep in mind though that there’s one month of the year that you should avoid having a wedding, and that’s February. Everyone knows that Valentines Day is a day when couples show their love for one another by purchasing cute gifts such as chocolates, jewelry, and of course flowers. This means that flowers will be more expensive regardless if they’re in season or not.

Get the floral alternates

Ditch the real and check out some these alternatives to the real deal. Go for the silk. Today’s silk is a lot more realistic looking then those of ten years ago and the best part, well I should say two of the best parts, is that you don’t need to care for them before the wedding and they will last a lifetime without a lot of preservation after the wedding.

Maybe you want something a little more funky, why not create your floral arrangements out of old buttons, gems, vintage hairpins, brooches and similar assortments to make a truly unique yet drop-dead gorgeous bouquet, boutonniere, or centerpiece?

One last bit of advice – keep it simple. We all have big dreams of this luxurious, jaw-dropping wedding that is the highlight of everyone’s year and one that is often referred to when speaking of weddings, but let’s be realistic here.

What really matters on this special day is the engagement of two separate families becoming one and that’s the most important part and should never be forgotten. So don’t lose sight of what’s really important. Dream big but keep your head out of the clouds and your heart as the forerunner.

Author bio: Author is a professional blogger who write blogs related to wedding planning, wedding videos and more.

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