5 key wedding photography trends

Your wedding photographs are some of the most precious images you will take in your life. These photos will capture a lot of moments, people and emotions. Therefore, the style of photography you opt for will be very important.

Some people know exactly what they want from the very beginning. Some people may have known what style they have wanted since they first dreamt of their special day. Others on the other hand may prefer to look at current trends and make their decision from there.

If you live in the Sydney area, your wedding photography in Sydney will be able to have a discussion with those who are seeking the latest styles in wedding photography.

A wedding photographer in Sydney will also be able to give advice on what style might be best suited to you, based on your venue, time of the year and other event factors.

Here are some key trends in photography that your photographer can discuss with you, from the traditional to some modern age techniques.

Using new age technology

In this day and age, photos no longer just need to be shot using your typical camera. Yes, there are many different types of cameras on the market, all with unique features and assets.  However, photos can now also be captured using drones.

Drones allow for images to be captured from all different points that traditional photography wouldn’t be able to achieve. For example, a drone can take an overview shot of your event from the sky.

Although you probably wouldn’t want all your shots taken using a drone, they would be great to showcase some unique shots and styles that many others wouldn’t have. These shots may not be as great in quality but they would make for some different memorable perspectives.

Another modern day technique to use is the use of smoke machines. This can give a great effect to your photos and can provide a range of different moods. For example, a smoke machine can give a mysterious or comforting feel to your images. You could even take it one step further and introduce the look of a coloured smoke machine effect.

Traditional film photography

Going back to basics is something that many couples are now seeking. Rather than having their images developed on a computer, they want their photos produced the old fashion way, using an analog camera, negative film and a dark room. The reason why this style is so popular is because it does provide a different effect to modern day images.

It allows for a softer look, rather than today’s clean and sharp styles. It can give your photos a “dream” like appearance, rather than seeing every angle and line that our current technology brings out in photos.

Editorial style

Many couples prefer a more structured and staged look. After all, this is a day when you will have your most elegant attire on, hair done and make-up professionally applied. All the elements to a great magazine shot.

This style is particularly popular because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for when these types of shots can be taken. You can capture natural moments every day just by using your phones and applying the right filter. However, editorial shots are seen to be exclusive and special, which is what weddings can represent.

With editorial style shots, you have the ability to place individuals exactly where you need them to be in the photo, where exactly you want the eye to be drawn to within the image and other elements such as placement of hands, hair and head moments.

Natural style

Most of us are familiar with filters. Due to social media platforms such as Instagram and also the ability to apply a range of filters to images we take with our Smartphone’s, most of the photos we take today will most likely have a filter.

Therefore, when it comes to weddings, people are now opting for something different for their special day and are asking their wedding photographer for a more natural style. Rather than applying filters and using harsh editing processes, people are looking for a style that involves more attention to lighting and the angle of the shot.

Black and white

This style has always been around and it is still a trend today. Some people just prefer black and white photos. It can give the image a romantic feel, allows for more focus on the subjects in the photos and it can also be more flattering.

It can give your wedding photos a vintage feel, which is also a look that many people are now choosing.

At the end of the day, don’t pick a style just because it is “on trend”. Pick a style that resonates with you and what you feel will capture you and your partner’s taste. However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at how to incorporate the latest technology processes, revisit traditional styles or take a look at some editorial and natural photography.